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10 Amazing places to visit near Delhi for solo travelling!

Life can get stressful. Everyone knows that, all those days of trying to perform at your absolute best for your loved ones catch up to you eventually, the best way to unwind from a long month is without a doubt, a simple getaway. Here is the list of 10 amazing places to visit near Delhi.

  1. Bhimtal


Another hill station with a lake in it! Except this one’s even better. Bhimtal is about 20 kilometres away from Nainital, at an altitude of about 1200 meters, even has a beautiful island with a temple on it in the middle of its huge lake. If you like water sports and boats, Bhimtal is the way to go.

  1. Naukuchiatal


Naukuchital, or ‘lake of nine corners’ is a small hill station in Uttarakhand. If you haven’t figured it out already by the name, it has a lake in it. 175 feet deep and is situated 1220 meters over sea level. The 9 hills that surround it are completely covered in plants, shrubs and bushes. Really a sight to behold! Not to mention the place also has thousands of very rare birds flying in the valley. Perfect spot for the ornithologist inside you!

  1. Mukteshwar


A charming little religious town in the Nainital District, 343 km from Delhi. The perfect weekend getaway. It sits high on the Kumaon hills at an altitude of over 7000 feet! The fabled Mukteshwar dham sits atop the highest point in town. A sight to see indeed.

  1. Manali


Manali A valley between the mountains of Himachal Pradesh with an altitude of 2050 meters. Located in the kullu district.  The town serves as a gateway from India to Lahaul and Spiti district as well as Leh. Manali is one of India’s best skiing trekking and locations. A helluva getaway!

  1. Sattal

sattal-weekend getaways near Delhi

Sattal, literally seven lakes; is a group of 7 connected fresh water lakes situated in Uttarakhand. Near Bhimtal, it is set in the midst of dense oak and pine forests. These lakes, combined with all these trees are a paradise for migratory birds. As a result, the town is scattered with exotic birds from all over the world

  1. Nainital

Nainital Hills-holiday destinations in India

About 300 km away from Delhi lies Nainital, a hill station with a lake on it and an entire tourist city built around the lake. It’s just as wondrous as it sounds. Think of a cool wind in your hair as you sit in the balcony of your holiday home looking at the lake in front of you, just taking it all in. Just so serene.

  1. Agra

taj-mahal- Agra- getaways near Delhi

A city on the bank of river Yamuna. Perfect for a getaway! Not to mention it’s also home to the Taj Mahal! What more do you need in life? A beautiful town, a river alongside it and now the Taj Mahal itself!

  1. Shimla

ridge-shimla-holiday destinations near Delhi

The capital of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla used to be the summer capital of the country. At about 2,205 meters above sea level, this hill station was one of the most loved summer getaways of the British Officers. Its fantastic snow tipped peaks, photogenic valleys  and breathtakingly amazing climate make it one of the best choices for a getaway.

  1. Rishikesh

rafting-Rishikesh-adventure activities

The adventure capital of India. Visit Rishikesh the next time you make a getaway alone. The fantastic  and breathtaking ‘gateway to the Garwhal himalayas’, Rishikesh is right at the bottom of the Himalayas and is blessed with the beautiful, thrashing river Ganga, the popular trek friendly rugged lands, difficult peaks, back-breaking rapids and dense forests! So grab your cameras and take some pictures of the city so rich in culture and religion.

  1. Jaipur

Jaipur-holiday destination near Delhi

The capital of Rajasthan and the land of the royals, Jaipur is a beautiful city painted in pink and is a photographer’s heaven. This is the best place around Delhi if you’re looking for rich and vibrant history. It’s the birthplace of the royals themselves! Not to mention it’s one of the oldest cities designed in India as per Vaastu Shastra!


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