10 lesser known interesting facts about Uttarakhand

Everyone knows how the Devbhoomi of Uttarakhand with its pristine hills is balm to the weary souls, bruised from the hectic pace of urban pressures. Little known are some interesting treasures tucked away in its folds! This little state, rich with history and religion is as ancient as Indian mythology perhaps! Oooh, how beautifully tradition blends with the modern escapades in the two darling daughters of the state – Kumaon and Garhwal!

A sneak Peak!

Psssss… Letting you onto the little secrets and wondrous places that dot the Himalayan terrain in Uttarakhand! Be ready to be surprised! Can you count how many of these you actually knew?

  1. Bageshwar – Religion and rush of adrenaline, all thrown into the churner and blended into a smooth paste! A portrait like village on the coast of Gomati and Saryu rivers’ confluence! Traditionally famous is its ancient Bageshwar Mahadev temple. Giving great competition to religious visitors are the adventure seekers – for the thrill of adventure sports here! Spiritual and physical – prove both your mettles here!

rock climbing in bageshwar

  1. Did you know that the highest temple of Shiva in the world is at Tungnath in Uttarakhand? The ancient Lords well knew the glory of heights, didn’t they? At a stupendous height of 3,680 m, it is a legendary at 1000 years of age! Wonder how it has survived the batter and weathering of harsh climates over such times! Divine intervention perhaps?

Tungnath temple

  1. Who says jungle themes are to be enjoyed in plastic malls and birthday parties? There is nothing that beats the original! Aashiyana Park, located in Ranikhet, is a jungle theme park that is designed and developed by Ranikhet Cantt. Natural and pristine, fun for all ages! Perfect for wildlife enthusiasts!
  1. As the sun sets its glory upon the white carpets of Himalayan majesty, it is but a force to be revered! Our ancestors paid homage to the Sun God and make it immortal with the hidden gem – the Sun Temple at Katarmal! Few people know that it is the second most important temple, after its more well-known cousin – the Konark’s temple of Odisha. Gloriously strong and standing since 800 years old, this is a fine specimen of superlative architecture. Stunning pics of intricate ancient sculptures of the temple for Facebook against the scenic backdrop of uncut Himalayas and lush green covers!
  1. The National Geographic and Discovery channels on TV have many a fantastic episode as homage to Jim Corbett National Park, the gem of Kumaon! It is the oldest national park of India! Initially named Hailey National Park, it was established in 1936 with an aim to safeguard the endangered Bengal tigers. Dare to come in close contact with more than 100 tree species and 50 mammals’ species!


  1. For ornithologists and in fact anyone who loves birds, what better than to see them in their natural habitat and not in heartless cages! The Binsar Bird Sanctuary is one of the India’s famous wildlife sanctuaries near Almora. It houses more than 200 species of winged magnificence to behold! Wow!

Binsar Bird Sanctuary

  1. Changing the face of modern Uttarakhand are popular adventure hubs. The daredevil in you will surely find a connect with Sheetlakhet for camping and adventure activities! Oh a feast for the eyes – is its beautiful stretch of fruit orchards.
  1. Our very own down-under! There are safeguarded and well-preserved underground caves and ancient temples in Gangolihaat! Inside the caves are some nerve chilling adventure activities! Are you game for those? Before you take the plunge, be sure to seek the blessings of gods residing since centuries in ancient temples like Ambika Dewaal, Haat Kalika, Vaishnavi Mandir, and Chamunda Mandir! There is something inexplicable about temples in hills, isn’t there?

Kalika-Temple-at Gangolihat

  1. There is no dreamland better than the idyllic Chaukori! Amidst the soaring Himalayan peaks and lush, exuberant forests, it is situated at the height of 2,010 m. Here you can easily be lost in the luxuriant view of Panchchuli peaks and Nanda Devi!

Nanda Devi view from Chaukori

  1. Be proud of our heritage, and say hello to the World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO in 1988, – the Nanda Devi National Park! It is uniquely located around Nanda Devi’s peak at about 7816 m! Part of the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, it has unparalleled beauty of natural flora and fauna and majestic scenery!

Nanda Devi National Park

The treasure trove and captivating mountains of Uttarakhand beckon all to explore its blend of ancient and the modern! Unravel the beauty as you find more than enough reasons to lose yourself in oblivion and just be you!! Over and over again!


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