10 Reasons Why Your Next Holiday should be a Yoga Retreat

Deepti Gujar is a seeker who has embraced spirituality as a way of life. A 21-day yoga retreat that witnessed 2000 people from 35 countries, helped her explore nuances of yoga that she didn’t know existed, “Embarking on a yoga retreat taught me that I could have a joyful, playful connection with my body, while also transcending the barriers made up by the mind.”

That said, I finally found that one person to answer all my questions while validating my views at the same time.

Deepti returned home as new person from her yoga retreat and you could too. If the idea of a yoga retreat still doesn’t resonate with you, these 10 reasons to give it a serious thought surely will…

You will discover an absolutely new side to yourself

You will be surprised at the wonders of your body and what it is capable of doing. Consequently, you will be amazed to learn that your body has no limits whatsoever.

You will engage with like-minded people from around the world

Connecting with people from diverse backgrounds who share the same passion for spirituality and yoga will be an uplifting experience. There isn’t anything more invigorating than a stimulating conversation, is there?

A mentor will guide you along the way

Most yoga enthusiasts rely on the TV or YouTube to ace the practice of yoga. What they do not know, however, is that a wrong asana (or asanas) can bring more harm than good.  On your yoga retreat, you will find not just an experienced mentor to look up to, but also a friend who will be there to guide you (perhaps all your life too!).

Yoga will become more enjoyable

Imagine practicing yoga everyday in the company of strangers, who metamorphose into friends as time passes by. These friends will offer you new insights into the world of yoga and keep your spirits high even when you cannot strike a yoga pose at the first go. Who knows, you might even share a laugh or two with them about it. You will eventually start looking forward to your yoga sessions.

Home away from home (minus stress)

A yoga resort/ ashram will be a home away from home minus the daily chores that you have to do when you are home. Not to mention, you will be away from your workplace for a while and the daily stress that is inevitably attached to it. What an ideal home to learn and grow as an individual everyday!

Unison of mind, body, soul

When your body, mind and soul, the three essences of life are in tandem, peace prevails. And this is a rare experience that can come alive for you on your yoga retreat for this vacation will not only heal your body, but also refresh your mind and soul. Bye bye chaos!

You will become a disciplined and devoted yoga practitioner

When your mentor and your yoga mates await you in the same room everyday at the same time, there will be no room for lazy days or cheat days. This will not only help you inculcate discipline in your yoga routine but also make you a more devoted practitioner who respects his own time as well as others’.

You will get an insight into the purest form of yoga

Yoga originated in India. However, its traditional and original format has undergone several transformations over the years. On your yoga retreat, you will have a tryst with the oldest form of yoga!

Fitter you, happier you!

You shall return home from your yoga retreat, feeling lighter and better about yourself and your body. And there is no happiness greater than self contentment!

While there are innumerable reasons to embark on a yoga retreat right away, we urge you to think about the 10th reason, your very own reason, that compels you to experience this invigorating journey!


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