12 Easy Backpacking Tips To Bring Out The Hippie In You

I would gladly live out of a backpack if it meant I could see the World

Backpacking or travelling solo is a perfect way to have fun while experiencing the unexperienced. It is the only way in which you take the road less taken and explore the unexplored. Not only do you broaden your horizons, you gain an enriching experience which you will never while going on a PLANNED HOLIDAY or in your cosy lifestyle. If going on a solo vacation or backpacking has been a dream for you, it’s time to make it a reality. Let yourself be free and get going for a backpacking trip to bring out the hippie in you. If you are going on a backpacking trip for the first time, then you need a few tips and tricks so as to accomplish your trip successfully.

From carrying your essentials to drinking only purified water to stay fit, here are 12 easy Backpacking Tips to bring out the Hippie in you.

    1. Eat Where the Locals Eat: Yummy street food….who doesn’t love it…and the best part of a backpacking trip is that you get to taste exquisite local cuisines, which you might have never tried before. The local food is fresh and seasonal, which ensures that you stay healthy. It saves you a lot of money and you get to enjoy some amazing street food. Taking some packaged food and Maggi packets for emergencies is also a good idea.

    2. Carry Your Essentials: It is of utmost importance to pack all your essentials wisely, so that you do not overstuff yet manage to pack everything. A few must-have’s are extra clothing, food water, maps, lighter, torch and candles, headlamp, first-aid kit, sunscreen, sunglasses and repair kit (knives etc).

    3. Choose Countryside: For A Truly Unique Experience: If you want to go off-the-track and have a unique experience then choose an idyllic countryside for your sojourn. Backpacking to countryside offers you the best views, unique experiences, exposure to stunning flora and fauna and pure air.

    4. Do Not Share Personal Information: Your own safety comes first while going on a backpacking trip. It is essential that you do not share your personal information with any stranger or online on social networking sites.

    5. Having an Isolated Stay is Not a Happy Situation: Loving the idea of solo trip and staying alone….yeah right…but safety comes first. How much you may love the idea of camping in the jungle or an isolated place by the river, there is a lot of wildlife hungry out there waiting to have a delicious human dinner. So, save yourself from the unwanted elements and either pick up a safe backpacker camping place or a backpacker-friendly hostel for your stay.

    6. Drink Purified Water: Stay away from the innumerable diseases that a new place might offer you by drinking RO water only. By drinking purified water, you say goodbye to a lot of diseases thereby staying fit to travel. Try to carry your own stock of water or else purchase a bottle of packaged water.

    7. Don’t Hesitate to Go With The Flow: ‘’Go with the Flow. Force Nothing. Let it Happen…trusting that whichever way it goes. It’s for the best.’’- Mandy Hale. If you are a true hippie, then its best to go with the flow. Plan things but do not over plan, else you will loose the charm of backpacking. Embracing the uncertainty is the best way to experience your journey as every experience-good or bad will only make you wiser. If you like a place, stay a little longer, if the weather is bad, cut short your stay there, travelling is best experienced when it is unplanned.

    8. Carrying Earplugs is a Good Idea: You can thank us later for this amazing tip. Be it your snoring fellow travellers or chit-chatting group in the bus, an ear plug will take you through your trip in peace. If you want a sound sleep and block out the unwanted noises, then ear plugs need to be your travel essential.


      Picture Courtesy: Janssem Cardoso

    9. Check The Festivals: How about having double the fun while enjoying the bounty of nature. If you time your backpacking trip right then you can enjoy the local festivals and enjoy local culture to the fullest. Explore the place’s history, have fun while dancing with the locals, relish regional delicacies and get to know the culture and traditions unknown to outsiders.

    10. Spotting The Right Vehicle: Another important point to take care of is not to take an unknown cab as you are new to the place. It is always a good idea to either walk or take a public transport at a new place. This will save your money, let you make new friends and explore the place safely.

    11. Bargain: Nothing can beat the delight of getting stuff at a cheaper price after bargaining. Show off your bargaining skills wherever you travel and save a lot of your money while buying.

    12. Do Not Over-Pack: Travel light if you don’t want to get hassled. Prepare a smart checklist of the most important things you require. Do not carry any valuables or risk losing them. Packing heavy clothing is a big NO.

So, let your inner hippie discover the outer world and share some amazing, unheard of backpacker stories.


About Shruti Yadav

Hi, I am Shruti, who not sooo long ago left a full-time corporate job In Content Writing to become an Army Wife. Since then, I have been juggling between my work assignments as a freelancer, commitments as an Army Wife, handling an eight month old, managing the frequent shifting n my home and everything else in between. Love to write and love to travel, which prompts me to put down everything related to the journey and destinations.

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