4 Chilled Out Places Near Delhi That You Must Visit To Maximize Your Long Weekend

Hey, are you aware of the upcoming Long Weekends? Holi – March 13 (Monday), Ramnavmi – April 4 (Tuesday), Ambedkar Jayanti – April 14 (Friday) have arrived well in place this year to render a long weekend for an unforgettable trip. And you know what, travelling to these picturesque places near Delhi is one of the best ways to escape boredom and maximize a long weekend. One must behold the beauty of these places near Delhi in March and April because the weather around these two months is neither chilly nor sunny. Hence, perfect time to schedule road trip, stay and much more. Plus, you’ll save those extra bucks.

Here we go with 4 chilled out places near Delhi!


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Beauty & the Beast – LANSDOWNE

With a very catchy name, Lansdowne is one of the quietest places near Delhi. Delhites you’re lucky because this balmy destination is only 260 km from Delhi via Meerut Pauri National Highway. I bet, you won’t get tired of being here and clicking the serenity of this place. Mind it, there are some less-frequented places of interest for you to wander too, like Tip n Top View Point, Bhullatal Lake and Lover’s Lane. You might get goose bumps if I tell you, there is an old cemetery in Kitchner Lines which locals believe is one of the most haunted places in Lansdowne. The graves are roughly 150-year old. Scared? Gotcha!


Enchanting destination near ShimlaCHAIL

Although Shimla is equally good but there is something very attractive about Chail, that is 336 km from Delhi. When I saw this place for the first time with family a few years ago, I was smitten. Chail Palace is undoubtedly one of the perfect places to unwind with family and friends. You might bump into funny monkey kung-fu close by just like me. Lol! This mountain escape also has the power to bring out the adventurer in you. Activities such as bamboo bridge, rope walk and more would keep you active and cheerful amidst lofty mountains.


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Straight out of the fairy tale – MUKTESHWAR

Peace, breath taking Himalayan views, bucolic lifestyle, flora and fauna, cool breeze, mind blowing sunrise and sunset, I don’t know how to describe the many features of this divine place near Delhi. Away from the hustle bustle of city life and modernization, rests this place called Mukteshwar. If your kind of travel demands solitude, more privacy with panoramic Himalayan views, cover a distance approximately 350 km from Delhi and give yourself some nature therapy. To relax in the lap of nature and feel its myriad shades is all that we seek every time. Don’t we? Bhalu Gaad waterfall, Chauli ki jali, Mukteshwar Dham are some of the intriguing sightseeing options to be explored by you here. Make sure you don’t miss those trails into the woods. You’re likely to be on HIKE SPREE here, capturing some of the splendid panoramas!


Popular tourist hub with Verve – MUSSOORIE

How many of you have visited Mussoorie? If you haven’t, go this time. It is approximately 323 km from Delhi. This could very well turn out to be your kind of Mountain Escape. Waterfalls like Kempty, Bhatta, Jharipani, Mossy (surrounded by a dense forest), would take you to the world of immense beauty and joy! See Company Garden which is home to a vast collection of flowers and plants. Try cable car to reach Gun Hill. Spend memorable time on Mall Road which is one of the most nicely created roads in the mountains for shopping, absorbing vistas, eating and strolls.


The Road Trip

I have seen those bright eyes. When tall coniferous trees laden with bright green leaves make way for travellers, they forget all their worries as if they never existed. I feel – “Boulevard trees greet the passengers like no other.” Perhaps, these destinations near Delhi will make you have a refreshing road trip along with your loved ones. And, Dhabas on the way will make you gorge on some Delicious Pakvaan as well.

Still pondering how to maximize a long weekend? 🙂


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