5 Easy Ways to Jazz up a Holiday!

Holidays are amazing. Holidays are crazy. Holidays make you celebrate. Holidays make you recall all good things. Ok fine, we are not here to bug you with all those flowery words. Coming straight to the point. Whenever we start planning a vacation, we face a lot of tantrums. Mom saying, “who will look after home”, friends cribbing, “dude! Boss is already on my nerves, I can’t ask for two days off”, and so on. Such things make the whole planning thing irksome yet hilarious.

Take a deep breath, show your family or friends a few scenic destinations near Delhi. Fix the date yourself and just go with those who won’t mind jumping in your car after the late-night call. It isn’t that tedious as it sounds. And it’s time now. Quickly sharing those things which you shouldn’t give a miss.

Lake view stay

Staying by a calm water body – Calm water bodies render a soothing effect like a lake or a pond. It brings peace and you feel better. A marine biologist believes that – ‘We all have a “blue mind”. A mildly meditative state characterized by calm, peacefulness, unity and a sense of general happiness and satisfaction with life in the moment”- this gets triggered when we’re in or near water. Water gives our brains a rest.’ So, having this experience as frequently as possible in life is not bad at all!

Chilling with friends

Chilling with friends under the sky – Friends pamper you, bore you to death, make fun of you and do nasty things to keep you going. Don’t they? Hence, whenever you go to a place that is peaceful, make sure you are giving yourself a serene spot where you can talk, scream and laugh at each other while gazing the star-studded sky or taking in some sunshine with those clouds floating. Whatever you prefer.

Adventure activity - rock climbing

Going out for adventure activity – Making the entire stay – “a unique and everlasting experience” should always be your priority. Relying solely on wind forces and thermals, walking for hours in the wilderness, playing golf with friends, climbing a rock to test your strength, such adventure activities add a lot to a holiday. These are some must-have activities to be with nature in a slightly different way and knowing your capabilities at the same time.

Relaxing lush surroundings

Relaxing in lush surroundings – Nothing heals like the lush greenery does, spread across a vast area. Cities are less green and noisier, but a quiet park in the city itself provides respite from restlessness and chaos for some time. Similarly, any lush holiday destination lifts the mood. So, choose a place somewhere amidst sprawling trees, lie down and try to listen to the breeze, birds and other little creatures.

Local village experience

Knowing local culture and lifestyle – Given the fact that we get hardly 2-3 days to explore a scenic destination amid hectic work schedule, we might feel like saying ‘No’ to discovering a village, its people and their culture. There are a few properties which are close to not-so-talked-about villages. These villages will make you enter a world of simplicity. Taking out at least an hour to interact with the locals and experiencing their life can be truly enriching. You get to learn a few new words as well and they also get to listen to your stuff.

So, choose a stay, travel, click random stuff, laugh your lungs out, drink, eat, experience and come back home with lots of wonderful memories!


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2 comments on “5 Easy Ways to Jazz up a Holiday!

  1. 11/22/2016 at 4:06 PM

    Charming! Look forth to many such articles, about a number of other places.Also, more on knowing local -folk cultures, to be able to participate in them, and be a first-hand observer of the local ‘lifestyle’.

    • 12/22/2016 at 5:24 PM

      Thanks Arundhita! Keep following our page.

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