Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Travel More

Want to be happy? Want to be more confident? Want to find a meaning in your life? Bored of the mundane and want to try something new and refreshing? If the answer to all these queries is a BIG YES, then you need to travel. Yes, it is as simple as that and see your life changing and getting enriched for good. Each one of us is different and everyone has a different reason to travel. While someone might want to have a life-changing travel experience in India, the other one might just want to laze around in a beautiful holiday home.

Here are the top 5 reasons to pack up your bags more often:

Travel gives you a Purpose: Daily routine zaps our breathing space, which makes us question – What are we actually doing? Travelling gives you the ‘’me’’ time and lets you reflect on your past and shape your future. The real purpose of our life is to live it up and travelling gives us the much-needed detox from the daily life to understand and experience everything that surrounds us. A weekend getaway to a quaint holiday home like Clifton, Nainital will give you a fresh perspective and help you discover yourself. Sitting in the garden of Clifton and gazing at the beautiful sky and unmatchable beauty of Nainital is good enough to awaken your senses.

Travel makes you relish the Best of Cuisines: Local or Global, if you are travelling, you get to taste a variety of cuisines. From learning the authentic food preparation to different variety of food items, there is so much in India that awaits you. Little known quaint villages often offer the yummiest delicacies from the fresh produce, unknown to a city dweller. If you are a foodie, then you have all the more reason to go on a food sojourn.

Travel helps you to develop a New Hobby: One of the long-term effects of a travel experience is the ability to develop a new hobby or refreshing a long-lost one. If you stay at an idyllic holiday home like Frozen Woods in Mukteshwar, you won’t help but fall in love with nature, which will instantly bring out the hidden poet or photographer in you. The serenity and quietness of places like Mukteshwar would make you discover a hidden talent or give a better creative outlet to your talent.

Travel empowers you by developing a Sense of Freedom: When you are headed for an ultimate travel experience in India, your interdependence gets swapped with independence and a sense of freedom. Exposure to changing situations and different people from different walks of life empowers you while making you grow as an individual and giving a new meaning to your life. Experiential learning, which can be gained only by travelling evolves and motivates you to lead a more meaningful life.

Travel lets you Push your Boundaries: Difficult yet interesting, travel often leads us to challenge ourselves. Like when we miss a train or bus. When we keep asking people on the way about right directions but reach a wrong place, so on and so forth. Travel in real sense, lets us push our limits. From problem-solving to trying something new, a travel experience gets you out of the comfort zone. Those who love or want to try adventure sports like kayaking, paragliding, scuba diving or rock climbing are the ones who in some ways challenge their limits. Indulging in an adventure sport not only enhances self-confidence but uplifts your mood, spirit, limits and makes you a happier person who can deal with any and every situation.

So, what are you waiting for? Your next destination awaits you to change your life for the better.



About Shruti Yadav

Hi, I am Shruti, who not sooo long ago left a full-time corporate job In Content Writing to become an Army Wife. Since then, I have been juggling between my work assignments as a freelancer, commitments as an Army Wife, handling an eight month old, managing the frequent shifting n my home and everything else in between. Love to write and love to travel, which prompts me to put down everything related to the journey and destinations.

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