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Why “getaway” becomes a need in summers? Why best places to visit near Delhi become talk of the town? Because, with summers approaching in full bloom and the rising temperatures, is literally like living in a furnace and to make it even worse one had to witness the increasing number of power cuts. While bearing the hot misery thrown by our mother nature, my mind drifted to another avatar of nature, a face of deep relaxation, and fresh air attainable on a getaway.

I started to reminiscence the good times we cherished last year in Solang valley, Manali (one of the best places to visit near Delhi). This getaway was nice. My morning meditation sessions were utterly blissful as I sat in the lap of mother earth where I witnessed from my balcony the mighty hill of Solang Valley covered with the green carpet of grass and while I used to be lost in meditative thoughts the only music to my ears was the sound of the flowing Byas River. It was indeed a hypnotizing experience. Getaways of any sort work for me but weekend getaway from Delhi work for thousands of Delhites out there.

After realization dawned I knew it was time for a summer getaway in the hills. So rather than facing the scorching heat, I decided we should head for a getaway which would be an icy relief from this calefaction. I wanted something to be with less of crowd, cool and fresh atmosphere and not too heavy on the pocket as well. I wanted a getaway which included such places which were famed yet they retain their mysteriousness. Hence I decided to research and speak to people, thus after a vigorous amount of effort and time I came across these 6 wonderful holiday destinations near Delhi comprising of bona fide & flawless beauty, and which was well within my budget as well. So without further ado let me introduce these getaways to you:

1.Holiday Destination Near Delhi-Auli, Chamoli Garhwal


Situated at an altitude of over 3050m it’s engulfed with beautiful meadows. Auli a place which encompasses flowers and greenery is just 500 km away from Delhi (one of the best places to visit near Delhi). It’s known to be a traveler’s paradise and India’s ski destination however still it’s one of the lesser known hill stations, thus is away from commercialization, which was in my favour. Being an adventurer I pounced on the opportunity to explore the Garhwak Himalaya through trekking, “Auli to Joshimath being the most popular trek”. I decided to visit this magnificent weekend getaway from Delhi in the month of October as the best time to visit Auli is from May to November.

2. A Perfect Weekend Getaway-Gwaldam, Chamoli Garhwal


Gwaldam, (for a perfect weekend getaway from Delhi) is a sweet lethargic town situated among some beautiful apple orchards and green woods. It is utterly peaceful and saintly quiet. After doing some soul healing and meditation I realized that this place was one of those quaint places where one could simply sit and bathe in nature’s beauty. This holiday destination is 448 km from Delhi.

3.,Best Places To Visit Near Delhi-Lansdowne, Pauri Garhwal


At the time of the British raj Lansdowne was the most favourite hill station of the Britishers. Lansdowne is 248 km from Delhi (one of the famous holiday destinations near Delhi) and is a town of pristine beauty and fresh pollution free air. Being from the defense I also looked forward to visit and witness the Garwal Regiment of Indian Army, as Lansdowne is a major Army centre.

4. Best Place To Visit Near Delhi-Kausani, Kumaon Garhwal


Being a popular weekend getaway from Delhi, this beautiful hill station is 419 km from delhi. I wanted to escape the madeness of the city life, and I knew this was the place if I wanted to run from the rush. It was a splendid experience to witness the flawless himalyan peaks, like Nanda Devi, Panchachuli and Trishul. As compared to the rest of the hotspots this holiday destination near Delhi was comparatively a bit more commercialised hence I had to work harder to make my way through the bookings, but each second spent and all the effort put in was absolutely worth it.

5. Weekend Getaway From Delhi-Binsar, Kumaon Garhwal


Binsar is 380 km away from Delhi is extremely famous for its wildlife sanctuary and is one of the best places to visit near Delhi. It is known for its varied flora ranging from 25 types of tress to various kinds of bushes. I was lucky to witness a leopard as well; however the mammals which are often seen here are leopards, wild boar, jungle cat, black dear, grey langur and red giant flying squirrel. Since I love wildlife photography I had to visit this adventurous clime.  It was a unique and a thrilling experience for sure.

6. Getaway-Pauri Garhwal


The majestic sunset has always intrigued me, and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to witness yet another one. Pauri is famous for its mesmerizing sunset and is one of the nicest holiday destinations near Delhi. Roosted on the slopes of Kandoliya Hills, it exuberates with natural beauty. The huge giant mountains frontier the town and the dense forest dot the landscape.

After a good break of 15 days where I witnessed flawless beauty at some of the best places to visit near Delhi and also breathed the pure & pollution free air I was as fresh as a daisy and was ready to be back to the pavilion. It indeed was an enthralling experience.


About Ashima Kumar

“A sOuL of FiRe, and a HeArT of GoLd, Believes in the unbelievable, as nothing is impossible, be it a mountain or a mole, Matter of time, isn’t it for all, So be happy and smile, as life is indeed small.” My name is ASHIMA which means LIMITLESS, born with a go getter attitude, and a belief that even the sky isn’t the limit. A writer by profession, a poet by will.  I have served in the corporate sector for 6 years as a voice and accent coach and a soft skills trainer. Being from a defense background, travelling is in my blood and something I adore, especially after being a mother of two, I realize it even more. Reading and writing are my passion, a vagabond at heart with a mind full of Positivity and appreciation for nature.

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