6 Ways to Heal Your Life with Travel Therapy

“We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us”. Heal your life with travel therapy by ways more than one

Few years back, when I had started working, I loved my job and everything was perfect, except for the same boring routine. And we all face this situation at some or the other point of time when we feel that we need a change. But what can that change be? Going on a picnic with family or a road trip to nearby destination or a quick weekend getaway are some of the many replenishing activities we can indulge in. Travelling is a sure shot way to recharge your tired batteries before they fuse and reignite them with a passion for life again. When you travel, you meet new people, experience new cultures and places, which not only brings about the much required change but also enriches our lives.

A few fun ways by which travel may act therapeutic and heal your lives are –

  1. If you are tired of the day-to-day grind, then spiritual solace is your call. Book yourself a rejuvenating spa in the midst of mighty mountains and get spiritual consolation. Many weekend getaways near Delhi offer wellness treatments and spa facilities, which will invigorate you with refreshing aromas and purifying rituals.
  2. City-weary bones and mind often need some time off-the-grind to relax and meditate. It not only helps in knowing yourself but gives you inner peace, which helps in healing your tired soul. Uttarakhand offers plenty of such weekend getaways where you can relax and do whatever you want to in the lap of nature.relax in nature
  3. Relive your childhood to revive yourself. Plan a trip with your cousins and friends and indulge in all the near-forgotten childhood games like treasure hunt etc. You will feel much more energetic than ever before.
  4. Did you know that Cooking can be therapeutic? Well, try whipping up a dish or two and see how good it feels. Try to go on a culinary journey, where instead of trying out new restaurants, you create your own dishes. Book a cottage in serene surroundings with a kitchen, and cook for your loved ones with the local ingredients. It will be a fun
  5. Holidays are a good time to make new friends. Sometimes, you form a special bond with people whom you meet on holidays – in the property you are staying or place you are visiting.  Come out of your shell, meet new people, share experiences and get new learnings.
  6. You may also book a room at properties with views so that you can start your day with a hot cuppa, read a book while soaking the mesmerizing views and watch the stunning sunsets.

So, what are you waiting for. Make your life richer and sunnier by waking up your senses and soul and finding the essence of a fruitful living.


About Shruti Yadav

Hi, I am Shruti, who not sooo long ago left a full-time corporate job In Content Writing to become an Army Wife. Since then, I have been juggling between my work assignments as a freelancer, commitments as an Army Wife, handling an eight month old, managing the frequent shifting n my home and everything else in between. Love to write and love to travel, which prompts me to put down everything related to the journey and destinations.

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