Jim Corbett : Deer Spotting

Jim Corbett : A Promising Getaway

I woke up trying to figure out which fruit I shall gorge on for breakfast and how many miles will I manage to walk on the treadmill, a machinery bought with a lot of love, whom I have managed to hate all together today. They say your personality determines your travel stories, but I beg to differ, your travel stories hones your personality.

I would like to take you through my adventure with the leopard marking its territory, hardly a dream for many, for people like me, who would rather enjoy the sunset’s splendid view staring down the beach, with a beer in my hand; as an excuse to the family getaway. With my kids pretending to having a great time in the hotel pool by themselves and wife lounging in the spa, something she could have perfectly managed in Gurgaon.

I would rather at night, crave to be around my children who try very hard to hide their frown; while listening to my poor attempt on a scary story, next to the bon fire which my wife insisted is a must on this family getaway to Jim Corbett.

On this quest my bag has many inhabitants, one being my 35mm lens and my Canon Dslr. A bunch of chewing gums (a must), a hand me down map from the resort concierge and few candies to calm my kids when they see the advancing deer, hopping on its way.

I am the kinds who befriends the people who offer their service, a young man; who guarantees to know the deepest interiors of Jim Corbett and shall make the safari memorable of our lifetime. Amidst this rant of his half baked promise, our Safari approaches a dried river, which seems like an endless path, with all of us hoping and I secretly praying to see the magnificent Feline. Something I had promised my kids would be an experience to treasure, on the pretext to make them finish their geometry homework before we begin this journey.

Jim Corbett : Bonfire

During this longest twenty minutes of my life, in the middle of nowhere, nothing but disgruntled expressions of my kids, and many eye daggers by my wife later, the young boy, urged us to be quite, with a loud shush’. Obviously, neither of us took him too seriously as he points to an arbitrary direction, something we were used to chasing since the Safari had begun. To our astonishment, there it was; a beautifuweekend getaways near delhil cat, laying in the grass being camouflaged with deep colored mud, with grass being its lair and the flies being its ferocious enemy who seemed to be torturing its nose.

That night, the scary story was taken over by the young boy and this time the impact on my kids was way different than I had been struggling with all last night. The young boy was the hero, who delivered his promise, and of course there are two heroes in this story. I came out shinning as the favorite parent on my daughter’s English essay. Something I yearn to read for the next two weeks, no matter how many punctuations she had missed. Our little escapade has brought about the extinguishing love between a busy father and his teenage daughter.

I will say, close that laptop now, switch off your phone and take your family out for the getaway you promised them, last Winter.


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