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Adventurous Destinations For Your Adventurous Spirit – Edition II

Here, we are back again, with the second edition to the destinations in the country, which challenges the real adventurous spirits of the individuals, who wish to taste and explore themselves. The first edition talked about eight types of sports, which are available in different parts of the country, which can provide with exciting experiences to each and every individual, who tries or even watches them! Check out our second edition on the list of adventurous destinations, to convince your spirit for newer challenges!

Adventurous Destinations | Let’s Read More:

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Adventurous Destinations For Your Adventurous Spirit – Edition I

Adventurous Destinations | Check Out!

This edition will talk about the remaining seven sports, which are happening and organized at their specific locations, and you still don’t have any idea about it. Look out, search, discover and go for it –

  • Rock Climbing – Satpura Mountains, Madhya Pradesh

If you still haven’t been able to take on the rocks, and climb like a professional individual – this is your chance! Grab onto this opportunity, and climb on the rocks of the Satpura Mountains. Along with Satpura other places in Madhya Pradesh like Pachmarhi, Jabalpur and Chanderi are also extremely interesting places if your gang enjoys rock sports, mountain climbing and such adventure sports in India.

  • Bungee Jumping – Uttrakhand

If you are going for rafting at Rishikesh, then you may as well try for this sport. Bungee Jumping, organized at parts in Uttrakhand, is far different from the small trampolines, fixed for kids, at amusement parks. This sport is organized by professionals for all the tourists and travelers, at reasonable prices, to develop it as a sport and to challenge the adventurous spirit of all the individuals out there! This is your official ticket to get high – literally! Take delight in this adventure with your friends, while soaking in the pristine water on Ganges.

  • Wildlife Safari – Several Places

Even though Corbett National Park is one of the most famous safari parks, there are several other forests in the country, where wildlife safari has been given a higher recognition and level of difficulty, for all the adventure persons out there!

Nameri National Park – Assam – Housing more 300 species of birds and around 600 types of flora, it is also a paradise for nature lovers and shutterbugs.

  • Motorcycle Trip – Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

If you are bike fanatic, you should definitely go for this motorcycle sport. And the best part is not the engines, but the destination – Nowhere! You get to bike around the salt deserts and head to completely pointless regions.

  • Skiing – Kufri

If snow mountains are a thing for you, head towards Kufri and get a chance to ski through those giant snow mountains. Guided under professionals, you get to feel the flying fresh batch of snow on your face, while sliding through the terrains of hill stations. Among all the skiing destinations, Mahasu and Narkanda are the two most popular skiing destinations in the state. The best time to experience the thrill of skiing is when there is snowfall in between the months of December and February. There are two most beloved tracks for skiing in Kufri. One track is of 350 M length for the naïve skiers and another is 800 M long for the professional skiers.

  • Zorbing – Manali

Were you able to imagine, of how individuals in some states have developed faster than we could think of? Zorbing, in India? It is possible now, because Manali has started organizing this sport, to attract more tourists and travelers.  Get into the huge PVC ball, strap yourself to safety and enjoy one exhilarating ride.

Let’s zorb on those snowy mountains!

  • Microlight Flying – Bangalore

The city has always been charming beautiful gardens and technical world, and even in sports, the city has been able to spread its charm, over the world. The fueled hang lightweight flyer can situate 2 individuals altogether and you would have the employment of a co-pilot. Once at the top, appreciate the clearing perspectives of the scene underneath. Let’s fly then!

Adventurous Destinations | What Are You Waiting For?

Apparently these are not the only sports, available in the country, and there are not only one type available, of the above mentioned sports. But these are the most unique and the most challenging sports available in the country, which have been attracting tourists and travelers, since a long time. So, if you still haven’t explored your adventurous spirit, pack your bags and leave for these places.


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