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Adventurous Destinations For Your Adventurous Spirit – Edition I

Sports at such hilly areas or beaches are for every sporty or adventurous individual, who is not afraid to try on new things and take up new adventures. And guess what, each one of these are in this country itself. So, everyone, who was thinking or waiting, to book flights for these sports, no need to wait anymore. Following is a set of the best adventurous destinations in India, for your adventurous spirit!

Adventurous Destinations in India | Overview

There are two kinds of people, when it comes to adventurous vacation – Yes and No. The latter forms are not afraid of getting adventurous with the sports, provided at those destinations, but they would rather read a book and enjoy their time in peace. Everyone have their sense of quality, and for some, it is just about relaxation and peace. But this post is not going to talk about people who chose relaxation over adventure and excitement! We have segregated fifteen destinations for you all, which come under the tag – adventurous, loved by everyone who doesn’t wish to be at one spot.

Adventurous Destinations in India | Take Notes!

The time is here – pack your bags, get your shoes on and vacate.

  • Mountain Biking – Darjeeling

With hilly slopes and small mountains, Darjeeling has developed a sport for their tourists and travelers, throughout the year. A sport, which can be played by every age group, and is suitable for the available terrain. Riding the mountains – fun and adventurous! It has seen an influx of mountain biking enthusiasts in the recent years and has become a favorite on any Adventure-junkie’s bucket list.

  • Paragliding – Stok Kangri, Ladakh

Ladakh is known for its beautiful environment, made out of high mountains, covered under a vast and a clear sky. How fascinating it would be, if you get a chance to witness the entire Ladakh from above the sky, instead of the rough roads? The trek up to Stok Kangri is considered to be one of the most challenging trek routes in India. However, once you’re up there, you can reward yourself by Paragliding over the valleys and taking in some breathtaking views.

  • Water Sports – Several Places

Surrounded by water bodies from three directions, states and cities in the country have been organizing several kinds of water sports, throughout the year. But, there are many regions in the hilly regions like Rishikesh, which has been carrying out the famous water sport – rafting, since a long time.

Then, there is an all favorite Goa, not known just for booze, but also, for several water sports like Jet Skiing, surfing, etc. Another state like Karnataka, has been organizing water sports like Kayaking and rafting since a long time, along the coastal lines of the boundaries of the country.

  • Scuba Diving – Several Places

There is only one place cross everyone’s minds, when it comes to Scuba Diving – Andaman and Nicobar Islands; but, there are many other places in the country itself, to provide the adventure enthusiasts, with one-of-a-hell experience.

If you prefer to keep your scuba diving action closer to the mainland, Netrani in Karnataka is a great place to get started off at. Not only are the waters pristine, there are a number of certified world-class diving schools that rent out quality equipment for safe adventuring.

Whereas, if the population on Andaman Islands is too much for you, then, you can always try Lakshadweep islands for the same sport.

  • Trekking – Several Places

As far as trekking is concerned, we have a lot of places, which comes to our minds for trekking. And many of us have already gone for trekking at nearby regions. But, there are few places, which are far better than the entire lot.

Zanskar – Jammu and Kashmir

Go for it, if you are looking for a challenging trekking experience. Because this path, is one of the most difficult trek, in the entire country.

Dodital – Uttrakhand

Made for people who are in a more relaxed mood, and are in a position for an easy trek, this path is the easiest for them to go for.

Shepherd’s Trail – Himachal Pradesh

The level of difficulty of this trek is neutral, as it can be a bit challenging, but has landscapes along the journey, to look out for!

  • Caving – Meghalaya

If you do not have any health issues, especially related to breathing and Asthma, this sport is to look out for! Caving in Meghalaya is one of its kind, and provide with a sense of history to it. People, who are active and sporty, along with good stamina, shall opt for this. Nestled among the waterfalls and green forests, these caves will definitely enthrall you.

  • Skydiving – Mysore

Have you been sitting, fascinated, since you have watched Hrtihik Roshan skydiving in the movie – Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara? This is your time/opportunity. Grab this chance to dive from a huge height, at Mysore, and tick this sport off your bucket list.

  • Flying Fox – Kerala

This exciting trick can only be seen in the state of Kerala, where one is swinging in between the dense forests, from above the hills and river bodies; like a flying fox would do. This sport will surely make your vacation extremely adventurous. You may also enjoy the trampoline, mountaineering and a few water sports in Kerala.

Adventurous Destinations in India | Adrenaline Rush?

These are few of the adventurous sports, within the boundaries of the country, which you can explore and try your hands on, with full-proof safety. It is always recommendable to research about the sport well, and pay attention to the rules, when you are standing at the edge itself!

Take care, stay safe and play hard!

Wait for the second edition to come on board with our website!



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