Best 8 Travel Tips for Introverts!

Traveling is incredible but it can turn into a nightmare for us introverts at times with all the social situations and interactions one is likely to encounter. Here are a few travel tips for introverts, to make your weekend getaway memorable yet comfortable.

1. Bring earphones or earplugs and/or tinted sunglasses

Why, you ask? Well if you’re an introvert like me, you would like to avoid people coming over to talk to you, especially if you are traveling in a group.Considering you don’t want any attention drawn to yourself and want to leave no scope of looking like you are open for small talk. If people see earphones in your ears, they will know that you need your space and may not like the intrusion. The lack of eye contact spares you the obligatory reciprocation with the easy tactic!


2. Take a corner seat

A seat near a window will do when traveling. Introverts never have a big ‘presence’, and sitting in a corner reduces whatever little attention they might be attracting. You also get to look out of a window which is an advantage!I absolutely adore wind on me, especially if I’m traveling somewhere warm and tropical like quite a few places in India are.

bus corner seat

3. Bring books

Say you’re at that monotonous part of your journey and you obviously do not want to interact with other people, the solution to this? Bring books to read! It is always interesting to read up about the history and culture of the place you are visiting. It adds to your overall experience and allows you some understanding on how to conduct your trip.


4. Seek Comfort

Bring something that comforts you from your home. It can be anything really like a snug blanket. The familiarity of an item from back home will ease your travel. It also comforts me to know that I’m highly unlikely to meet anyone I know while I travel. The thought of starting afresh and not having to indulge in social niceties is comforting to me.


5. Use a Blog / Travel Guide

Using a blog as a guide instead of an actual guide or a group tour can be surprisingly fulfilling. I cannot stress this tip enough! Reading someone’s personal blog on the place I’m visiting is so much better than having a guide to lead me around. The personal experiences of people on their blogs are like a God-send for people who fear interacting with people in real life.


6. Opting out of certain activities

Suppose you cannot avoid traveling with a group or having a guide to lead you around, you do not have to participate in certain activities that may make you uncomfortable by drawing attention to you like singing and dancing or playing games even though it’s quite common on group tours. It is absolutely alright to opt out instead of feeling anxious. You can have some alone time to do your own thing. Something as simple as sitting in a coffee shop and observing life go by


7. Go Local

Instead of spending most of your time at the huge landmarks and tourist attractions, why not go local! Take a walk through the ‘old city’ of the place you’re visiting, or maybe just sit back somewhere where you can simply look at daily activities of the locals and their way of life. You can opt for staying at a local’s place with your own room, away from the rush. That way you can soak in the culture while having your independence, peace and quiet.

local market

 8. Write, Sketch, Paint

Record your experiences in the best way possible! Write your own travelogue, sketch your observations and paint your feelings.

travel diary

You will spend a lot of quality time with yourself and manage to compose some memorabilia you would love to look back upon later in life.


About Amyatam Gohil

Professional tryhard, all I want to do is write. Slightly (very) introverted, play video games and constantly have music in my background. I love music, traveling and writing. I can never not write, I mostly write poetry and am now starting to expand from that little niche.

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