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Mom and dad had promised me to take me to Disneyland, U.S.A this year. But one of the tourist places near Delhi made its way. All because of my persuasive uncle, we were going to have some kind of FUN in some place in Uttrakhand. A normal person would usually like a fresh, warm breeze caressing his/her hair. However, I knew I was feeling far from normal. So there I was seated in a car on the main highway heading towards Bhimtal. Bhimtal…..seriously?? The name itself sounded so old fashioned to me.

My friends told me that a few tourist places near Delhi are overcrowded and aren’t very beautiful. But, my uncle said, Bhimtal is one the serene tourist places near Delhi and it is easy to reach the place too. For him, the idea of a few hours’ drive to Bhimtal was more exciting than Disneyland….. Wow!

It had been some six hours since we had started. Mom, dad and my irritating sister were all playing dorky games like- I spy…, I went to the market…etc. I had either been sulking, sleeping or eating my favorite packet of chips throughout the whole journey. And, I thought, are we really heading towards one of the serene tourist places near Delhi??


Finally, after what looked like ages to me, we reached our so-called-destination. We were to stay in one of the holiday homes which I have to admit looked pretty appealing with its wooden log cabins. It pleased my eyes so much that I quite forgot about my silly grumpiness. And oh the flowers in the quaint garden outside the cottage were so mesmerizing!

I grabbed my luggage and headed inside. I got to a room of the holiday home which I claimed was to be mine since it was really small and cozy. I plonked myself on the bed of this charming holiday home and took out my phone…..but hey what was this…..no signal?? Great…. I had neither T.V. to watch nor my phone to chat on. I guessed this was a clever trump played by my parents because they thought that I was an internet addict.

I went out to the balcony of holiday home and not having anything better to do, started looking out for a perfect picture to paint. Oh did I mention earlier that I am a pretty good artist? Wherever my eyes fell on I could only see beautiful scenes waiting to be brought out on paper. This was slowly turning out to be one of the best tourist places near Delhi.

Suddenly, I heard my mom calling out, “Ria, we are going out to do some adventure activities.” A sarcastic smile came on my face. Adventure that too here?  This is just one of the tourist places near Delhi right? Impossible! I started to think about all the fun my friends Tara and Muskan must be having on the awesome rides in Disneyland. Stubborn as I was, I had made up my mind that I would show the least interest so as to prove my point and compel my parents to take me to Disneyland next time.

Before I knew, we were standing near a lake which on inquiring I got to know was called Bhimtal Lake. There was a variety of boats all lined up. It seemed to me as if they were inviting us to have a pleasant ride on them. Oh what was this? I was getting swayed away. All of my stubbornness was fading away and I was longing to explore the sparkling, blue water that glistened in the sunlight.

Wow! Was that a kayak? I couldn’t wait to get started! I stepped in with gushing excitement and started rowing, as instructed….woohoo!!! The soft breeze touched my face gently and some of it went in through my nostrils which made me tickle. The faster I went, more water splashed on my face. Tiny drops sprinkled on me from every direction. I went topsy right under the water, but our coach pulled me out! Oh getting to see the world upright was never so much more welcome! And what power exercise for the muscles too!

Kayaking in best tourist places near delhi

As soon as we were back on land, the excitement generated for the next round of activities-mountain climbing and rappelling. We drove down to Sattal, hardly fifteen minutes’ drive from Bhimtal. We headed towards a cliff (that was also one of the well-known tourist places near Delhi) specially selected for tourists to venture into the adrenaline rushing aspect of their holiday. I had mixed feelings which made me thrilled and scared at the same time. Thrilled to encounter the challenges, but scared because of the height. However, thankfully the guide-cum-trainer we had got was quite experienced and made us enjoy to our fullest.

rock-climbing in tourist places near delhi

First we had to mountain climb. I tied on the gear around my body. The safety measures taken were commendable. Next, a rope was attached to the gear around my waist. Then the fun filled adventure began. It wasn’t as difficult I had thought it to be! The cliff had been chosen very cleverly just because it had natural footholds very close to each other and were wide enough to insert a human foot. It was a marvelous experience. I felt so proud when I was finally able to get to the top of the cliff. Yes, I believed the fact that a few tourist places near Delhi are just awesome!

But hey, this was not all! We still had Paragliding to do, ten minutes’ drive again from Bhimtal towards Naukuchiatal. In Paragliding, we took a light weight glider attached to a harness. It was given some momentum before the flight. The view of mountains and water bodies was simply awe-inspiring. It seemed even scarier, we were to fall from a great height and just looking down made me feel dizzy. But the trainer was really supportive and he comforted me till I gained the confidence of finally becoming a successful paraglider.I was actually so happy that I felt like doing one of my weird snoopy dances…..but hey that couldn’t be done in front of so many people……right??

Paragliding in tourist place near delhi

After clicking a lot of pictures, we headed towards the next activity: -Mountain ride using the suave ATV’s. I was apprehensive at the beginning because I was to drive down the roads all by myself. I learnt the controls quite fast though, but I could still feel butterflies in my stomach. I had left everyone behind…..and was riding at a marvelous speed of 30 km/hr. I reached the end point some ten minutes before the others. So I got down and began walking through the tall pine trees (which were located beside the road). I could hear the sound of cicadas and the lovely chirping of birds. Just then, I heard a beep on my phone. I grabbed it and saw that the signal was now available. However, I kept it back inside. I could not miss the serenity and beauty of this place just to spend time in front of an idiotic screen! Tourist places near Delhi have so much to offer and holiday homes make you feel so comfortable and better!

ATB in tourist places near delhi

After a few more minutes of observing, I heard my parents’ voices. I ran up to them beaming from ear to ear. Mocking, my dad asked me, “Would you like to go to Disneyland next year?”

Embarrassed, my cheeks flushed hot red and I could only think, “Who wants to go to Disneyland when wonders lie in a nature cradled place called Bhimtal?”


About Ria Aggarwal

I am a passionate, loving and cheerful teen girl with a flair for writing and dancing. I make use of different art forms to express the creativity within me. I have been writing since the age of 8 and my works have been published in different forums. I love to try my hands at various fields ranging from academics to sports. Known to be a helpful friend, I consider others’ view-points seriously, especially when they involve my interactions with them. My thoughts are clearly visible in my compositions!

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    Seems like a great place to visit. Will surely put it on list.

  2. 05/31/2016 at 8:12 AM

    Wants me to try this “better than Disneyland experience” right away !!

  3. 06/01/2016 at 5:16 AM

    Marvelous! Good going Girl. 🙂

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