Bright Ideas to Surprise your Father this Father’s Day!

Travelling has been in his blood since the time I can fathom and remember as I have forever seen him on the move. The man who is my hero and someone I truly look up to, yes my father who is my friend, my confidant and the strong pillar of strength, someone who has been like a jinnie in a bottle fulfilling all my wishes. Hence it’s my turn to surprise the traveler for a change by gifting him something meaningful on this father’s day which I am sure he would cherish whole heartedly.

Isn’t it the best feeling to do something special for someone special like your dad who has been your hero ever since you can remember???

So on this father’s day I plan to surprise my rock star and spill some happiness, you can choose your way of surprising your hero from the number of options listed below:

  • Book – A book is a man’s best friend and rightly so…If your father is an avid reader then its best to gift him a book which he has been gunning for long. As it would not only give him company but would also remind him of you.
  • I pod – Music can repair even the darkest of moods; hence gifting a mood booster i.e. an I pod with his favourite choice of playlist isn’t such a bad idea.
  • Shoes – For an active traveler a good pair of shoes is like an extension of his body. So try and gift him something that would provide comfort when much needed and I can vouch for a fine pair of Adidas or Nike walkers.
  • Map – Gift him a complete and a well-defined map for his next destination and trust me he would thank you at the end of his trip.
  • Ticket – A ticket to his next planned destination can be a dream comes true for your dad. Sorting out the stay and travel, what else can one ask for??
  • Headphones – If your outdoor man is a tech geek then gifting him a superior pair of headphones can go a long way. He would enjoy his type of music or watch an old era movie of his choice on his phone or I pad and be happy that you took the effort and pain to gift him the same.
  • Hipflask – If he is the shabab and kabab sorts then gift him a royal hipflask, where he might not want to express his excitement forthright however deep within his heart he would be thrilled.
  • Camera – I believe a camera can capture more than pictures, so if you want to be a part of his excursion however virtually then gifting a fine piece of a high tech camera is a sane choice.
  • Tent – If camping and your dad are glove in hands then presenting him a high quality tent can be just what he desires.
  • A fine felt or straw Hat – A hat can keep the sun away, so save your dad by gifting him a desired pair of felt or straw hat in accordance with the weather at the time of travel.
  • Shorts – You know that your fathers next travel destination is a place engulfed with warm climate, hence you want your old man to be coolheaded, hence it is best is to gift him a set of cool breathy pair of shorts which he would wear and be gala about.
  • Travel bag – A new travel bag can always be an exciting addition to your fathers next travel excursion. Thus gift him a comfortable travelling bag which suits to his requirements.
  • Perfume – A good scent never goes out of style, thus gifting his favourite brand of perfume can always be handy, and should you run out of options.

No gift can replace your fine presence hence get a ticket for two and join your dad on his next exciting travel destination…… Happy Travelling!!!


About Ashima Kumar

“A sOuL of FiRe, and a HeArT of GoLd, Believes in the unbelievable, as nothing is impossible, be it a mountain or a mole, Matter of time, isn’t it for all, So be happy and smile, as life is indeed small.” My name is ASHIMA which means LIMITLESS, born with a go getter attitude, and a belief that even the sky isn’t the limit. A writer by profession, a poet by will.  I have served in the corporate sector for 6 years as a voice and accent coach and a soft skills trainer. Being from a defense background, travelling is in my blood and something I adore, especially after being a mother of two, I realize it even more. Reading and writing are my passion, a vagabond at heart with a mind full of Positivity and appreciation for nature.

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