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Come To Bhimtal, Cause it has something for everyone

There’s something I’ve noted about many hill stations near Delhi – overall, they cater to only certain kinds of people, providing leisure activities falling within a limited range. However, when a getaway is planned as a family, each member has a different taste which needs to be catered to. Some want to explore the nature hard to find in the cities on weekend getaways, some just need to shop, some are categorized into what is called the knowledge seeker, some need nothing but peace from the usual hustle-bustle of life in big cities while others simply want to get rid of the longing they have for adventure, in any of the hill stations near Delhi!

How will these weekend getaways provide families with a variety of options? How will each of them truly get a taste of their own wishes?

Access to family’s desires granted. Welcome to Bhimtal in Uttrakhand! It has a plethora of places with different purposes to match everyone’s wishes. Unlike many hill stations near Delhi, this region has a lot in store!

Don’t believe me? Check out this list here which has places for everyone

For the one who wants knowledge wherever he goes.

Folk Culture Museum


Are you looking for knowledge in Bhimtal? Don’t worry- learning never stops. The Folk Culture Museum, traditionally the Lok Sanskriti Sangrahalaya houses many objects of archaeological significance unearthed right here in this splendid getaway. Alongside, it is accompanied by a lot of information to keep your learning-hungry mind full throughout your trip!




For the one who cannot survive without shopping

Shops by the road

shops in bhimtal

This one is small but the only one apt for shopping!

Bhimtal is home to a bunch of street shops selling different souvenirs. Glittering bags, magnets, keychains, jewels… oh, how my eyes light up just thinking about it! So shoppers try this wonderful getaway and spend all your money in these glowing treasures ready for you to devour! And yes, it is different from other hill stations near Delhi.

For the Marine Life Admirer – the one who loves everything from the magnificent world of water!

Bhimtal Island Aquarium

 island-aquariumLocated in the centre of the Bhimtal Lake, this aquarium isn’t just a small tank. It is pretty huge, and houses fine specimen of fish from all over the world! What a wonder, right? Surely, a visit to Bhimtal cannot be completed without visiting the Bhimtal Island Aquarium.

For ‘I need peace, that’s it’ person

Hidimba Parvat


The most serene place in Uttarakhand (one of the best hill stations near Delhi), surely, the Hidimba Parvat is a green terrain, located at the small distance of 5 km from Bhimtal. It is a good way to relax after the hectic schedule we follow at home.  What is more, it is also home to a monk and environmentalist, Vanbkhandi Maharaj, who helps take care of the various animals residing at this quaint getaway! What a great chance to be able to meet such a respected and pious person right during one of the weekend getaways – Bhimtal.


For the Active Adventurer forever



Naukuchiatal, one of the best weekend getaways about 4 km from Bhimtal, is such a great experience for adventurers that it has been dubbed as the glider’s paradise! It offers paragliding activities for those who want to enjoy the fresh and scenic views of the lake! This is a great opportunity and there is no way you can miss it! Imagine soaring across the sky with nature in all its glory, spread out below just for your eyes to devour the scene! Therefore, Naukuchiatal offers something truly amazing which a lot of hill stations near Delhi don’t offer.

Don’t fret! This is not all! Bhimtal offers all of the above along with a hundred more tourist attractions for you to visit! So plan your weekend getaways wisely by going to the much-loved and exciting getaway which offers a variety of options to keep your whole family engaged throughout! Bhimtal is one of the hill stations near Delhi which welcomes every traveler with open arms!


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