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I remember when I was young, the idea of watching jungle book on a Sunday morning was equivalent to an antidote to my stressful life’ in school. *My inner voice grins sheepishly* I retort,” Of course, to dodge answers from my Chemistry Teacher, is an exhausting task. “

To this day, when deadlines are graver than learning periodic table for a lesson, my work station beckons like a complex force of nature and there are days when a cup of exotic coffee refuses to deliver its rejuvenating promises. To my father who probably worked every day of his entire life with the motto of work is worship, the idea of taking a few days off for myself, is equivalent to being lazy.

To own to this embarrassment can be tricky for some, but I have managed to realize ‘a spoonful of sugar helps medicine go down’ similarly, I can sit through this meeting only with the thoughts of my bubbling coffee on the portico with the my favorite book to talk with, a crunchy bite of an apple pie dipped in maple syrup and a long walk along the natural trail, ah! “Coming back to my manager’s fading voice, the impending financial threats and opportunities.. Soon, banks will have to revise rates in line with RBI policy… *I swallow a Yawn*

I can’t wait to surf the options on my desk. Click click click, scroll and scroll later (exhaustion meter picking up) my inner voice, that tricky caustic menace, who would force me to be logical and reasonable to save money would start ranting. “Its difficult to come by the fruits of leisure and nature together, in the middle of the concrete jungle you put up in, unless you are looking to drain your hard earned money on an overpaid impersonal weekend getaways, where you will be dumped with miscellaneous activities and distasteful gourmet buffets, you are hardly interested in.”

I argue, ‘How we all wish for a blue genie to come by and teleport us to the destination I picture in my head right now”. An enabler of memories, from an arresting moon lit night on the hills to the sounds of cascading water… A nature augmented walk which physically enlivens me and mentally detoxify my Manager’s uninteresting humor… A mind reader, which easily knows my days, when I would want to snuggle to the fireplace with a glass of my Cabernet, and days when I would want to scream my lungs out, while flying through the canopies of the clouds, looking down the marvel of the Valley. I wish to Reimagine new landscapes, I want to reflect within and I dream to be revitalized.

Pura stays and resorts, Reimagine | Reflect | Revitalise. We at Pura, “don’t wish for you to raid your refrigerator tonight, to be kicking at work, tomorrow.”

Greetings from Pura| Escape to Wilderness


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Pura Stays compiles for you a collection of wholesome holiday stays. Our assorted array of boutique resorts, holiday homes, lodges and villas have been handpicked and designed for you with attention to each diminutive detail, where you can rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

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