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Fashion Up Your Wardrobe While Traveling!

New destinations give you new leaves to dream on new experiences, you get to live, when you visit their roots. But when you get to be at such locations, all you can think of is the places there and what you are going to shop/wear at those places. For instance, when you think of a place, which have plenty of beaches and has a humid weather, throughout the year; you do not prefer to take on sleeveless tops and shorts/hot pants/skirts, with sunglasses and footwear like flip-flops and floaters, etc. But when it comes to hill stations, your entire wardrobe goes into a reverse roller coaster, and brings out your sweaters/warmers, full sleeves, boots/trainers with mufflers and hand gloves, etc. It entirely depends on your plan for the vacation, the location you choose and the time of the year. Let’s fashion up your wardrobe, before the next plan hit up!

Fashion Up Your Wardrobe | Overview


While packing your luggage, the more time you take is when you have to decide what should be included in your backpack, and what can be on the other side of the ignorance stage. Even if you are planning to trek on mountains and stay in forest camps, you tend to focus on your wardrobe – for each day, while packing. Because, as stated by many, you feel the most confident and comfortable, when you dress up nice and smart! If you are wearing something, which you are not comfortable in, or is not suiting your style and fashion, or is not trending; then you might end up getting pissed at yourself for being so careless with your planning. And that is followed by some sort of awkward embarrassment, because even if people do not judge/comment on your fashion, you are not yourself confident enough to pull, whatever you are wearing, off!

You look forward to those places with full excitement, as to what you will get to do over there and pack your suitcases/luggage/backpacks accordingly.

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Sail Smooth, Travel Light – Don’t Be A Donkey

Fashion Up Your Wardrobe | How To?

Here are few wardrobe tips to remember, while you are planning for your trip. These are inspired from the trending unisex fashion, growing in cities around.

  • Comfort And Ease:

Whatever you wear, even if body fitting clothes come into your consideration, choose the ones which provide you with comfort and ease – throughout your journey. You never know what kind of situation you might get into or where you might get stuck at. For instance: thinking about hill stations, you pack all kinds of sweaters with no thinner fabric, and all you get to face there is warmed up atmosphere and hard sunlight, right above your heads. That is going to ruin your plans as well, until you plan onto shop.

For wardrobe ideas: you can always carry those long t-shirts, stretched out till knees along with three-fourths/pants (according to the weather reports). For footwear, you can have floaters (with socks if cold) or casual shoes (works fine irrespective of the weather).

  • Color Coordinated:

As we have learnt in early stages of fashion, color coordination is important when you talk about fashion and coordinated with the place you are at, and what you are wearing. Now, you cannot carry all colors because it’s your suitcase, and not Hermione’s mokeskin pouch, which can carry every kind of object in it. There are some colors, irrespective of the location, that you can try and wear almost everywhere:

  • Black
  • Red
  • White
  • Blue (Mostly Navy and Royal)

Avoid wearing dark colored clothes in places with hot and/or humid weather.

Blacks and whites are a must in your suitcase, because they match up with any color from the palette.

  • Accessorize Yourself From Head To Toe:

Accessorize yourself, from head to toe, which will include your hats, rings, neck pieces, piercings – nose rings, earrings, etc; along with your footwear, which are suitable for every weather. Carrying your shades/sunglasses is a must to avoid that shiny sun, above our heads. They are suitable only if they match along with the wardrobe you are wearing and the event/location you are at. It is pretty obvious that you won’t wear out your PJs to a party, until it’s a slumber party.

  • For parties: You can always depend upon your denims and shirt (mostly white) along with the footwear, as per your choice and comfort.
  • While for dinners: your casual wardrobe would come in handy and if the event is pretty formal, then women can go with dresses and men can go with trousers and shirt.
  • For Footwear: Your luggage should always have your flip-flops, one pair of casual shoes (mostly white) and if there is no sign of potential formal party/dinner/event, you can ditch your formal footwear – heels or shoes.
  • Small Suitcases – Your Handbags/Sling-bags/Wallets

It is for sure, that you wallets won’t have enough space to carry bigger amounts of things, as compared to your handbags and sling bags. With the growing trend at a faster pace, even men are carrying sling bags around, when they don’t have enough requirements while traveling or when their wallets don’t have enough space. The way you carry your bags around, while traveling, also affects your overall personality and fashion. Specifically the sling bags shall be carried around and hung about the body in a way, so that your clothes don’t get wrinkles all over them.

You should not stuff things inside those bags, just like you treat your suitcases because they are made to have only your necessities. For instance: Your medicines, inhaler, bands and clips, money, ear plugs, chargers and even phones, lipstick/makeup, rings, watches, etc; and all other things, which you might need while traveling or while you are at different locations.

Fashion Up Your Wardrobe | Get, Set And Go!

Your wardrobe doesn’t end at the clothes or the footwear you are in; they are just an add-on to enhance your personality. You need to pull them off and do the justice to the fashion trends. They help you look good and the rest of the job is upto you; what/where/how you choose to wear and how you are able to pull them off. Looking your best is a common element of the thought process, while packing your stuff into the bags.

Focus, check, match and look fabulous!

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