road trip to hills with friends

Friends + RoadTrip + Monsoon = Holiday of a Lifetime

The onset of Monsoons brings to us some unforgettable memories of eating the bhuttas, dancing impromptu with sudden rain in the middle of road, playing antakshari while eating pakoras and of course FRIENDS! Coz, without them either of these is impossible. The fast-forward mode of life has made it impossible to indulge in these forgotten activities.

For reasons, serious and silly, we miss our friends so much, and all those cherished moments spent together. Why not relive all the childhood memories by going on a road trip together and enjoy the most exhilarating experiences of your life. Just travelling isn’t enough, right company makes a lot of difference. Who better than your besties to enjoy the glorious season of monsoon. Plan a weekend getaway to the nearby destinations from Delhi and there you go. No more relentless agonies, just call up your friends to plan an amazingly fun trip to a road that winds and a mind that unwinds.

Here’s why you need to plan the best trip of your life with your friends now

  1. For an enjoyable road trip, it is important that you have a lot of masti on your way, else it will become a boring car drive. Friends can be the best road trip partners with the similar tastes and good comfort level. The beautiful journey will turn memorable along with the friends and will let you develop a more closer bond.chilling out with friends
  2. It can only be with friends that you can enjoy the monsoons to the fullest. The metropolitan life must have sucked the life out of you and what you need is a dose of nature in its purest form. Get drenched in the monsoon showers and relive your sweetest childhood memories. You will cherish the wonderful memories forever.friends enjoying rain
  3. Let your belly enjoy the journey as well by relishing the amazing Dhaba food that will come your way and munching all those chips and nuts to satiate your cravings. Nothing beats the charm of sharing eatables with friends. Double up the road fun by eating and singing all along the way. Monsoons are the best time to go on a trip since you enjoy the pakoras and chai all along your way.chai and pakora
  4. Knock Knock. Who’s there? Surprised. You must be. It’s been quite a while since you last played the indoor games and had real fun. Precisely why you need to take a break right now and get going with your friends to get back the masti and madness you have been missing on. Perfect time to go on a getaway as you can enjoy the showers outside while staying and playing games inside like dumbcharades, cards, ludo, antakshari etc.
  5. Another perfect reason to go on a getaway is to celebrate. Yes, be it your friend’s birthday or the promotion or Bachelor’s party, you need just a reason to drag your friends out of their cozy comforts and celebrate life. Nothing else comes near to celebrating your happiness than with your besties.dinner with friends

And yes, you really don’t need to pack much when going with your pals as you can borrow someone’s sweater or shoes to match your outfit. Double the madness and your outfits by planning the trip with your crime partners right now.


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Hi, I am Shruti, who not sooo long ago left a full-time corporate job In Content Writing to become an Army Wife. Since then, I have been juggling between my work assignments as a freelancer, commitments as an Army Wife, handling an eight month old, managing the frequent shifting n my home and everything else in between. Love to write and love to travel, which prompts me to put down everything related to the journey and destinations.

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