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Get Set Go – 25 handy tips for First-Time Travellers

Travelling for the first time? Well, whether you are going on an adventure trip or a leisure trip or a road trip on bike with friends, one thing common for all the first-timers is the stomach butterflies.  Yes, they suddenly pop up out of nowhere when we have to start something new. And, travelling for the first time is like a first date. You are nervous, excited and wonder how to have the best one without any mistakes. Planning a little bit in advanced and learning a few basics will make your trip a lot more fun and organised.

From planning to packing to destination itself, travelling can be a bit exhausting if you are unaware of how to go about it. But, hey, we have a few helpful tips for you ‘’the first-time travellers’’, so that you make the most of your trip.

Planning the Trip


  1. Research well in advance and decide on your destination based on the kind of holiday you want to take (like Goa for leisure or Jim Corbett for adventure etc.).
  2. After you have zeroed in your destination, check the appropriate months to visit the place.
  3. Planning a little early will help you save a lot on tickets, hotel bookings as well as packages. Last minute plans always burn a hole in your pocket. So, take a count of your leaves and office holidays and plan.
  4. Create a flexible itinerary. This will let you explore and squeeze in the sudden plan changes. But, do make a list of must-visits (without overloading your itinerary), so that you do not miss out on the main Points of Interest.
  5. Try to give a photocopy of your itinerary having the details of your stay to your family members or friends.



  1. The Golden Rule is if you are in doubt about a particular item, then just leave it!
  2. Make a list of everything you have to carry. It will let you feel organized and make sure you don’t forget anything last-minute.
  3. Pack light. Try to avoid any piece which takes too much space.
  4. A comfortable pair of flat footwear will take you through any journey.
  5. Always keep some space for medical kit essentials like Band-Aid, hand sanitizer, painkiller, a tablet for vomiting etc.
  6. If not staying at a hotel, then carry shampoo sachets, a soap and deodorant with you.
  7. Weighing your bag will save you from exceeding the limit.
  8. Don’t be surprised to find a beautiful red suitcase like yours on the conveyor belt. Every other piece will look similar to yours. The only way to avoid the confusion is to tie a ribbon or distinctive tag on your luggage.
  9. Keeping your cash (carry extra cash for places with limited ATM access) at multiple places will come handy when you need it suddenly.

While Travelling


  1. Always reach the Airport/Bus Stop/ Railway Station well before time. The traffic and last-minute hassles always manage to create havoc in our lives when we go for a trip.
  2. Drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration while flying or travelling.

At Your Destination


  1. Explore and travel like the locals do. Travel by public transport, as it will help you explore more and save a lot of your cash.
  2. Do not anticipate and be open to surprises.
  3. Try local dishes and new food joints instead of fancy restaurants and cuisines. But, you have to take care of cleanliness of the place; else you will spoil your holiday.
  4. Be nice to locals, as they are your immediate help at a new place.
  5. Splurge in lifetime experiences. It’s ok to spend for an experience you have always dreamt of like snorkelling, diving, paragliding etc.
  6. Keep some cash hidden for emergencies. Try not to put your wallet in the back pocket; else you might just lose your cash and cards.
  7. Adapt to the new environment by being flexible and keep the destination clean by being a responsible traveller.



  1. If you want to take good pictures, then investing in a camera is not a bad idea. And yes, do not forget to acquaint yourself with the camera beforehand.
  2. Try to avoid the popular spots and peak time, else you will end up clicking the tourists. It’s better to find a different spot and early hours for the best pic.



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