Healthy Eating Tips for Different Types of Travellers in India

Cheers to new years and new beginnings that come with it. While many travellers in India went to the most awesome holiday destinations to welcome 2017, some had to hold themselves back.

Being born and brought up in India makes our system strong enough to digest everything from the roadside paani puri to the chai wala’s deep fried bread pakoras. However, there are some who might not be able to withstand the oil used to make the pakoras or the paani puri water. Such people sometimes end up spoiling their trip for momentary food indulgence.

To have a healthy travel experience in India you must focus on what you eat and what not! Healthy eating while on a trip is more essential than you think.

When on a Flight

So, you’ve got to catch a flight to hit your favourite travel destination in India and get rolling. If possible, eat a stomach full in the meal time prior to catching your flight. For small hunger pangs on the flight you can go for a fresh vegetable sandwich, nachos or may be some fruit juice with some cookies.

During a Road trip

A travel experience in India may often turn sour due to one wrong eating decision. If you are somebody who loves to travel by road you are sure to feel hungry at regular intervals. To add to your hunger are the various roadside dhabas, each alluring you to eat a stomach full. Remember to eat healthy. An egg can never go wrong for it has to be made fresh. Avoid having potato filled items and other food that has chances of being stale.

Before an Adventure activity

India is home to innumerable awesome holiday destinations varying from romantic retreats to some thrilling adventure hubs. While you can eat whatever, you want on a date please avoid having heavy items before going for an adventure activity. As the excitement and adrenaline rush for the activity might not go very well with bread pakoras, heavy paranthas or other such heavy stuff. Eat something light like fresh poha, muesli, porridge or may be salad.

Embrace motherhood

Well, being pregnant or even having a toddler doesn’t mean you stick to one place. Go out and about! But yes, what to eat would again be an issue. The easiest and healthiest thing to do in this case would be to carry and buy when needed some whole grain bread and butter or cheese to go with it. To make it healthier just buy some fresh tomatoes and cucumber and stuff them in your sandwich.

For our Senior Citizens

Despite a massive number and variety of holiday destinations in India our senior citizens don’t seem to be making much use of it. Often the reason is – their fear of falling sick due to wrong food or other food related issues. Again, fresh tandoori roti from the tandoor can never go wrong. If you can’t trust any other preparation complement the roti with some fresh pickle, dal, egg preparation or curd.

A Right restaurant is

Besides all these precautions just follow some simple rules to improve your travel experience in India. Wait for the right healthy restaurant to eat. How do you know which place is healthy? Check for basic hygiene and cleanliness and see if there are people eating there. A place flowing of people generally has fresh food as the sale is frequent.

Totally avoid deep fried items, road side gol gappas and items made of maida. Stuffed items should also be avoided as the expiry date of the stuffing can’t be ascertained.

Go for fresh vegetables, salads, smoothies, cereals, fruits, whole grain bread, packed goods for a happy and healthy experience.

Happy travelling to you!


About Suhani Sheshodia

Hi I am Suhani and being from Dehradun my first love is of course nature and second writing! My love for traveling is relatively new and came with me tying a knot with a fauji. I grew up amidst nature with trees to cheer me up when I felt low and juicy fruits waiting to be plucked and savored at any time of the day. To be able to make the world view things through my eyes is what I love to do. And only writing empowers me that way so here I am doing what I love the most!

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