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Holiday with kids??? No more a chore

Ok….so shoes, toys, clothes, medicines, snacks, all checkkkk, aha’ I smiled and said with a sigh of relief as me and the crazy ‘paltan’ of two, my 7 year old daughter and 4 years old son, we were finally geared up for the vacation. Being in Delhi, a getaway to Uttrakhand can be quite refreshing but I was also ambiguous and jittery considering the mayhem my kids are capable of.

I am sure most of you would agree with me when I say that travelling with children can be no lesser a challenge than trying to tame a herd of wild bulls, so I like to do my homework thus in turn be more equipped to face the combat.

It’s much easier to manage kids at home and I personally follow one rule, i.e. whenever at home and my brats go wild and unruly, I use a nice, cozy and SAFE playpen and once they are done, I simply climb out…. And you thought I was talking about the kids 😉

Starting from the litter they create to the mess they make these little creatures can be quite a menace which in turn can exhaust even the most enthusiastic, positive and supportive parent. Hence, I thought of sharing some valuable information with everyone as I believe in charity, lol but on a serious note one must try and follow these tips and make their travel a fun filled experience.

  • Plan ahead and be more flexible : Planning, organizing and anticipating should be the mantra of a successful trip. So anticipate what can go wrong and consider the negative scenarios first. Be more flexible while travelling, that means if you have to give an extra sip of that coke, because your kid won’t just let it go, then you should, as its best to hold your priorities at a back burner and inculcate more of “the go with the flow attitude”.
  • Be smart, keep snacks and technology handy :  A hungry child is a cranky child, so carry lots of their favorite snacks. In today’s date and age, technology is the need of the hour; hence use it to your advantage. You have no idea as to what a piece of your child’s favourite snack along with a smartphone or an IPad can do. Am I propagating children to get glued to these gadgets, noooo. As being a mother myself, I have set limitations and time outs too. But while travelling the same things look no less than my life saving measures but for a short span of time.

bread breakfast and snack

  • Medicines: Since you have decided to enjoy the rollercoaster ride, don’t forget the saving grace, i.e. to carry paediatric medicines. Should your child suffer motion sickness or maybe ate an extra bite of that pizza and ends up with an upset stomach or happens to go down with fever, then medicines in hand with the correct prescription can save a lot of your time and effort
  • Beat the boredom by keeping some simple games at hand: Keep certain games handy, research online before heading out. Like my favorite one when at the airport is to have a short distance race amongst my children where they run and by the time we board the aircraft they are happily exhausted and I get my valuable time because they take an avatar of sweet sleeping angels.

board games : Scrabble

  • Say no to sweets: Have you ever heard of the term “sugar rush”? Trust me it can be lethal as far as getting utterly embarrassed as a parent is concerned. Jokes apart but try not to feed your children anything sweet like chocolates, candies, toffees, etc. just before starting your journey. It’s one of the major ingredients in the recipe called disaster so try and avoid it or limit the quantity to the very basics.

Inculcate these tips and don’t be precarious, enjoy the journey with your angels, hey lets be gregarious.

Keep smiling 🙂


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