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How Do You Wish To Explore: Tourist Or Local?

Cities and towns can be roamed and explored in plenty of ways, and all these depend on what extremes, do you wish to touch? Do you wish to explore it as a tourist and just see the essence of the city, or do you wish to become a local while exploring, and not just see but feel as well, while exploring! How do you wish to explore – as a tourist or as a local?

How Do You Wish To Explore? | Overview

You are called as a tourist, when you go to some place, outside your city/country. That term is pretty common and all of us, at least once in our lives, have been called as such. The special thing/feeling attached with this word is that other people, who belong to the place you’re traveling to; treat you in a different manner than they treat/greet each other. Sometimes, when you are either a big personality or you are traveling to an entirely new country/continent; they welcome you into their nations with smiles and garlands around your neck. It is their way to welcome someone, into their nation, as a teaching from their scrolls of culture. One such place is Hawaii, where people are welcomed with such affection and big smiles.

How Do You Wish To Explore? | Local Or A Tourist – Choice Is Yours

But there are two ways, in which you can welcome yourself into some other country. Either as a tourist; so that other people know how to exploit you for their own benefits or greet you and make you feel like you are at home – warm and special, or you can become one of them and still continue with your trip on exploration. Both of them have its pros and cons, but by being a tourist, one has more cons than being a local. But then, by being a local, they are assumed to be aware about everything and in the end, if they face any problem, they are solely responsible for what they are in now. Let’s get into the details about why being either of them is cool and at the same time, can drag you into some difficulties.

How Do You Wish To Explore – As A Tourist?

(Pros and Cons)

  • When you talk about being a tourist, you are given a special treatment, so that you go back to your country and raise the standards of that place. They expect you to get every good thing about their place, in your nerve system and memory, and talk about the same in outer nations. They are basically exporting their culture through you, by making you aware about every element of their country – but only good! Generally, tourists are never told about what difficulties they might get into, if they happen to cross some specific areas/people/cultural practices. As they are new in that place, everything that is wrong over there might be regular and common with the locals, but will be new and so inappropriate to the tourists. Hence, they are not taken or even told about such practices.
  • Secondly, with every tourist, comes an opportunity for the locals to get some of their own monetary benefits. Sometimes, they are exploited in a way that they even get physically damaged. And sometimes, when the tourists need to shop/buy some gifts/services or souvenirs and their guide are not around, they are exploited by the locals who loot them for their money.
  • With zero awareness and quality benefits, tourists even pay for such items.
  • As any given city/town/country is big for a newbie, they often go to those places which are world famous like Big Ben in London or the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Taj Mahal in Agra, etc; or the places that hold similarities with their interests like museums, exhibitions, aquariums, monuments, etc. The real essence is not in these Stone Age buildings, but in the streets which only locals are aware about. The guides to these tourists run their own minds, and plot their entire plans for the span of given days.
  • But again, by being tourists, you are not treated the way other locals are, which in turn, provide you with an extra benefit of security and safety. You are given importance and attention, as to wherever you go and whatever you do. You are given highlights about the places, beforehand, and are guided and accompanied everywhere. Special discounts and offers, packages and welcoming gestures, etc; are all a part of the term – tourist!

How Do You Wish To Explore – As A Local?

(Pros and Cons)

Local (Tourist)
  • They are different from the general locals, as they are tourists in nature, but they wish to explore the country like the locals have done before. They don’t wish to get any benefit from the tourist package and wish to be away from the tourist-paparazzi, throughout their trips. They are aware about the place enough, that they won’t need a guide to accompany them to areas, they wish to cover. Plus, their interests in terms of exploration are different from people who get treated as tourists, in the country. They do not wish to roam about the city, watching tall buildings or crowded monuments; they instead wish to see the busy streets, where the actual market operates. They wish to become a local, like any other person in the region, and drive them around the location. They are there to connect with the natural habitat and people of the country, instead of materialistic or historical things.
  • They wish to collect their memories first hand, and know the real essence of that place. They don’t have any urge to be accompanied by any other person, especially from that very location, and have different ways to explore. From cuisines to culture to gestures to people to nature; they wish to intake everything, as a part of their memory scroll, and further circulate their stories of other people who are just like them. Their ways of explorations and the findings itself, will be pure in nature and form, which everyone would love to hear; instead of the regular and common things they get to hear, from almost every visitor to that country. They do not need the latter form, because they already know it through search engines and/or travel journals.
  • But they are not as safe and secured, in a whole new city, as it may sound or look like. They are not tourists, who would have someone to tell me what is bad in the city and what they should maintain their distance from. They are all by themselves and as no one in the city knows that they are not locals but foreigners, they would not treat them like one, at any cost. They, definitely, are not safe and they would not be updated about the potential wrong doings in specific areas, which they might or might not have on their list-to-explore.

How Do You Wish To Explore? | Decided Yet?

Whichever way you choose, even if tourists, you should update yourself with the place, even before booking your hotels and guide person. You cannot trust a guide completely, let alone what he talks about the place itself. It is not that hard and not at all worth of being treated casually, when it comes to your own life and safety. Especially, when you are travelling with women or aged people, you should keep everything handy and know about the policies of that country. Know about the security system, quality and nature of people; know early experiences and past incidences, etc.

Exploration come in all forms, you should know which one is adequate and appropriate to your requirements.

Stay Safe!

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    Yet another brilliant article by purastays!

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    I personally prefer exploring as a local, but this article really brings forward the pros of exploring as a tourist too! Interesting!

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