How to be a Responsible Traveller!

Travelling is a way to rejuvenate your mind and body with new experiences. From every trip you take, you bring back a bag full of memories and experiences, but do you ever think of what all do you leave behind? Almost everyone aspires to travel around the world, to see different places, to meet different people, to interact with cultures and to learn something different every time. But all this comes at a price and it’s not monetary. Most of us tend to ignore our responsibilities as travellers and leave behind problems and issues for the locals to deal with.

Here are some tips for being a responsible traveller:

Read in detail, about the place you are visiting


It is always sensible to read about the place you are going to visit. Almost everyone reads about the key attractions at a destination. You must also take out a little time to read about the culture in that region, the people, the key environmental issues and problems they are facing and pack your bags and clothing accordingly.

Choose Sustainable Accommodations


Tourism has been one of the most polluting businesses with some heavenly places being turned to piles of garbage by irresponsible tourists and non-environmental friendly tourism practices. In the recent times, we have seen a number of hotels and accommodations shifting towards sustainable methods in order to preserve the environment around them. While planning your stay, it is advised to go for a sustainable accommodation that puts in effort to preserve the environment.

Interact with the local community


The locals are the ones that build any tourist destination. They have spent their entire lives in that region and thus their habits and daily routines are closely related to the region. Take some time to interact with the locals and follow their lifestyle. Try their food and understand their daily life routines and problems. Most importantly, listen to the stories they want to share. Maybe take part in some local activity.

Take steps to reduce your Carbon footprint


Any responsible traveller understands how important it is to reduce their carbon footprint while traveling. Now, there are a number of things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and that itself will be a whole blog article, but the chief amongst those will be to minimize transport related emissions by using public transport wherever possible, to carry minimum packaging with your luggage and proper disposal of wastes.

Volunteer for social causes

While you are travelling you are often treated as an outsider who wouldn’t help the local community. Volunteering with the local community to solve problems not only gives you a way to interact with the community but it also gives you a sense of satisfaction by doing your bit for the area you visited. You are sure to make some really good friends when you choose to  volunteer.

Ask before you click


Photography goes hand in hand with travel and gives us a chance to create amazing long lasting memories. As a responsible traveller, make sure that the memories you are making are not leaving any sore spots in someone’s mind. Always ask for permission before clicking a photograph of a stranger and make sure they are comfortable with you doing so. Same goes for sacred places as it might be against the guidelines to capture some holistic places in a camera.

Like always, SAVE Water!


Water is no more a privilege that we can spend without thinking twice. It’s an asset to be used cautiously and judiciously. Take steps to reduce water wastage. Take shorter showers. Ask for a daily change of sheets only if necessary. Choose a hotel which follows sustainable practices instead of luxury hotels which can spend up to 1300 litres of water daily.

Last but certainly not the least,

Educate Others

Wisdom and knowledge are things meant to be shared. Be responsible and educate your fellow travellers and friends about responsible travelling and how to be one. Share your experiences and inspire others to take a step towards creating a more responsible travel ecosystem.



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