How to save money for a Dream Vacation

I would love to travel the world but do I know how to save money for a dream vacation? My dream is to travel in luxury, jetting on private planes and expensive yachts, staying in the finest of the suites and roaming around in luxurious cars. Well, but I am a regular middle class girl. So, how do I exactly save enough to travel to my dream destinations?

In this blog I reveal the time tested secrets of how can anyone of us save up enough to travel the world.

The ATM special

In this trick, you must withdraw only that much amount of money that you need to survive the week. It’s only natural to spend more if you have more. Hence, restrict your spending by withdrawing less.

Extra work

This is one of the best ways to earn up a quick buck or two. If you have time on your hands, pick up an extra shift or a part time job with the sole intention of spending this money for your ideal vacation.

Open up your sale

This is another good way to make up your moolah. Check out in your wardrobe, in your office or in your garden. Is there anything that you do not require? If the answer is a yes, then put it up for sale. Not only will you earn money but you will de clutter your surroundings as well.


Open up a savings account

If you have money lying idle in your account, make a fixed deposit out of it. This way you will save up lots and can also earn interest.

Check your expenses

We tend to indulge in several unnecessary treats. You may want to lessen going out, eating out, quit smoking or drinking or both, cut down on phone bill, electricity bill etc. This way you can control your expenses and habits while saving enough to indulge in an extravaganza on the dream holiday.

Learn to cook

This trick will sharpen your cooking skill which is much needed in the house and on a vacation. Learning to cook will reduce your eating out bills and will help you survive, should you run into an isolated location on the vacation.


Cut down on unnecessary things

Like that new shade of MAC lipstick? Or that to- die for Prada handbag at the mall? Steer away pronto. If you need your dream vacation, you need to steer away from the dreamy products. This way you can save a huge amount and have a happy holiday.

Planning a big birthday party? Say NO today

We all love birthdays. But as fun as they can be, they can also burn a deep hole in your pocket. Saying no to an extravagant celebration will keep your account intact for a holiday.

Also, while you are working really hard to save up, follow the below tricks to save up more –

  1. Book tickets much in advance, avoiding the holiday seasons, school holidays etc
  2. Utilize your student I card or any other card which makes you eligible for discounts
  3. Book when the ticket discount sale is on
  4. Buy a metal water bottle. This way you can save at least Rs. 30 every time you feel thirsty.
  5. Travel light. Flight companies charge as much as Rs. 250 per kg. Why pay unnecessary when you can travel light?
  6. Pack home cooked food for journeys. This way you will eat fresh and hygienic food while saving up on buying food at sky rocketing prices on the airports and in flights.
  7. Car pool or take a bus. The best way to move around in any city, be it yours or any other, is by public transport. This saves the environment and your money: two things you need to live.

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