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List of Weekend Getaways from Delhi – Within 500 KMs

We all have plenty of long weekends, coming up towards the end of 2017, and one cannot keep calm! Have you planned them out, or are you still planning to spend them indoors, or while shopping at some malls followed by movie shows in the night? Check out this list of Long Weekend Getaways from Delhi, within the range of 500KMs and get your #TravelMood ON!

Weekend Getaways from Delhi | Overview

These weekends are not going to come, again and again, and one should try to utilize their holidays well! Anyway, the rotten files on your desk can answer you better than anyone around you, craving for the same holiday, which you are planning to dump, without thinking anything further! If you are on board, read further and if you are still thinking about your schedules and busy meetings, have a look at your family/friends/folks/friends, once. Following is the list of a few places, which are located at a distance of 500 KMs, and can be duly explored in the span of four days and three nights. Check out and take notes, and start to plan & imagine about what you are going to do over there!

Weekend Getaways from Delhi | Duly Note!

  • Nainital:

One of the most famous & crowdy hill stations, around Delhi, which receives a large footfall throughout the year – Nainital, is known to be the city of lakes. From boating to mountain climbing to museums and aquariums, it is meant and maintained for every kind of traveler and/or tourist. One can thoroughly enjoy the windy mountains and dense quietness of the forests, while exploring and giving their mind some rest.

  • Bhimtal:

Adjacent to Nainital, and less travelled – Bhimtal is one of the hill stations, where travelers reside and explore, more than tourists. As it doesn’t contain any of the tourist attractions; the place is full of adventure junkies and explorers, who wish to follow through the trails in dense forests, and enjoy the serenity at its best.

If you wish to plan on to travel either of these regions, or plan to explore districts and regions, nearby Mukteshwar and Naukuchiatal – check out our holiday homes and homelike living spaces @ www.purastays.com

There are other hill stations, where one can explore and enjoy their time, like – Manali, Shimla, Narkanda, Mukteshwar, Naukuchiatal, etc.

  • Pushkar:

The gorgeous town of Pushkar is embraced in the stunning Arravali Hills of Rajasthan. Relish onto the rural aura of this stunning town that is well known for its vast natural bounties not only among Indian tourists, but also among people from all over the globe with this amazing Pushkar desert camp. While relaxing in this nature’s abode, enjoy the tranquility enveloping this entire place.

  • Dharamshala:

Known for its wildlife and nature’s lap serene views, Dharamshala is one of the most famous sites among youngsters and the ones, who wish to reach out and explore the Mother Nature. Also, people set up different individual camps, enjoy their stay in the wilderness.

If you are spiritual, take a visit to the famous temple of Indru Nag known worldwide for the presence of the His Holiness Dalai Lama. Perched on a ridge that climbs into thick pine and oak trees, Camp Chrysalid Dharamshala

  • Kilbury and Pangot:

Red hut small homes, situated in different corners of Killbury and Pangot, provide you with a serene hilltop view to watch out for different species of birds and other forest creatures. With different kinds and varieties, it has become one of the favorites, among all the tourists, especially the ones, who wish to go with their families and kids.

Weekend Getaways from Delhi | Planning, already?

These are some of the places, within the reach of 500KMs from Delhi, where one can travel and explore, and have a great time with friends & family. Explore these, while staying at PuraStays, and live throughout your stay, like a KING! Get to be a part of our family, and stay at our holiday homes & home-like living spaces, where you will be treated with delicious and lip-smacking home-made food options and wine! It’s time that you live for yourself, and have the time of your life!


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    hi i live in Delhi still i don’t know most of the places you mentioned above thank you for sharing these places, now i am admiring your work.

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