Love really does blossom and bloom with nature’s nurture in the rains!

Monsoon adds a song to the lips of everyone, doesn’t it? Well, well, well! If you are living in a city like us, rains can also mean incessant showers that throw traffic and routine out of gear! Flying tempers, late and stretched commute time to work creates stress that is best avoided! This year, me and my dear hubby decided to not get into the guttery rut, rather enjoy the blessed showers the pure way – close to nature!

The perfect break from our hectic and stressful lives, we thought! A rejuvenation and going back to enjoy the basics, we rationalized! Some quality time with each other… just the two of us!!

How myopic our views were! For what was supposed to be a short break, turned out to be a charming romantic holiday that brought us much closer to one another! Beyond our wildest of expectations, the magic of the wet weather had found the lost missing piece of romance, which had gotten buried in the humdrums of life without us realizing it!

Looking for a weekend getaway that can be reached via road trips from Delhi, we zeroed in on the captivating Mukhteshwar in Uttarakhand. Green, peaceful and plush, we chose a charming little cottage (at least that’s how it looked on the net) and made our bookings.

Even the drive had a romantic air to it, the minute we hit the hills! The green rolling hills glistening with the recent monsoons stirred up an excitement within us, as if we were but teenagers out on a secret date!

road trip to uttarakhand
The timber hut was so endearing. Its exclusive location began to play its charm on us. With no-one to disturb us, it was the ideal quiet we needed! No chores to run, no maid knocking at the door, no nothing! Only hubby and me for each other’s company! Ohhhh, bliss!

The views of the hills all around were magnificent!  Soft balls of white cotton seem to kiss the slopes as the clouds drifted by! Wouldn’t that but arouse the feeling of romance?

The smell of wet birch, pines and the fresh mud covered with fallen leaves are a perfect backdrop to rekindle passion!  And my darling hubby made sure that I had the perfect fairy tale moment that evening – a breathtaking romantic candlelight dinner overlooking the valley! The heady mix of cool breeze, a glass of wine and irresistible tempting food delicacies are bound to sweep a lady off her feet! I felt I was the luckiest girl in the world!

Affairs of the heart get nurtured with the intoxication of rainy hills! We never seemed to get enough of the pristine greenery all around. What better than to be in the company of the one who love, in your private patio, that offered an exclusive sit-out, to gaze lazily at the mountains and the valley below! The entire ecosystem seemed to come alive to celebrate the spirit of the monsoons! Boy, we sure had been missing out on this magic back home!

Why did having the morning cup of coffee everyday back home not feel the same – as hubby and I sat sipping coffee in our little haven tucked away in the hills? We did the one thing that had been lacking lately – talk! We talked on and on for hours, of things that mattered and things that didn’t! Laughed at the fond memories of past, and reminisced old times!

We also stayed quiet, holding hands whilst we gazed at the immense beauty crafted by the Creator Himself. Hand in hand, we strolled amidst the tall deodar forest slopes that embraced us from all around. Took time to listen to song of the birds or a wild cry that rung out over the hills every now and then. Connected with one another by not uttering a single word!

nature outdoor

Of course, it all was too precious to be forgotten. Caught on camera, we clicked endless pictures – of nature’s bounty, of carefree abandon, with the child-like excitement bringing out the kids in us! Oooh, I felt gooeey and mushy and not embarrassed one bit to show it all off in every click! Who cared? I was happy, in love all over again, and wanted to let the whole world know it!

The rains spoil it all in the hills, they say! They have got it totally wrong! The hills come alive, the trees seem to dance and it feels like nature is celebrating the gift of the monsoon! A point to ponder over, as we found ourselves celebrating the precious gift of each other in this exquisite atmosphere.

Not many people are around from the plains visiting the hills during the monsoons. For couples like us, it works out to be a boon. No crowded hills, no hot touristy activities about, no adventure enthusiasts afoot – as if everything was conniving to give us the exclusive privacy to be left undisturbed!

Rekindling passion, refreshing emotions and rediscovering each other!

Love really does blossom and bloom with nature’s nurture in the rains! It certainly did for us!


About Sarika Aggarwal

I am a qualified software engineer with rich corporate experience in IT. A mom, who quit her job to spend more ‘we’ time with her princesses. Lucky to be able to follow her passion and give a creative vent to her thoughts via the wonderful digital medium! Exhilarated when my written words resonate with perhaps a stranger– for that is the ultimate reward for me!

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