And, I made this Winter splendid with.. A Perfect Family Getaway near Delhi!

In today’s hard-pressed time, often families living together find it tough to spend quality time together. Taking a break from daily pressures and heading to a getaway is definitely a good way to bond together. Instead of packing an itinerary with sight-seeing and hectic schedules, it’s worthwhile to head off for a leisurely and quiet destination, as a family. That’s what we thought! With holiday season of the exciting winters, how about heading to natural parts of the country?

Of course, breath-taking backdrops contribute to the best getaways from Delhi. However, sometimes picking an admirable destination may be mind-boggling. The perfect combination of calm nature and serene hills in the laidback hills of Uttarakhand could be your call! This is what we did!

Mukteshwar, an outstanding serene hill station in the Himalayas fitted right into our package. It seemed like into a laid-back outing for a weekend getaway from Delhi to get a break from our frenzied routines and winter blues.

We found it quiet and picturesque. We decided to have a boutique hotel that was like a charming personal cottage with pretty green garden. They even had a self-to-do kitchen. We actually enjoyed cooking delicious family meals together in the backdrop of green nature. In fact, hubby dear was the one who showed off his culinary skills here, something that he doesn’t do back at home!

Oh, and we savoured them in peace and privacy on our own terrace. Time can come to a standstill here! What a far cry from the harried meals at home!

We also packed a picnic basket; our host at the hotel was only too happy to arrange one for us. We headed on a nature trail and stopped just wherever we liked to enjoy our picnic. And of course, we didn’t forget the lovely pics with smiles that went from ear-to-ear! There are so many majestic viewpoints all around. Sunset in the hills is always enthralling, and we soaked in the beauty. The whole day went off in a jiffy.

We actually came back and found the staff arranging an inviting bonfire set out for us! Wow, winter chill with the silhouettes of the mountains in the moonlight was thrilling! We even had a sumptuous barbecue!

Retiring back to our snug rooms, the family four decided not to call it a day (ahem night!). Out came the pack of cards! A game of rummy, followed by a game of Ludo! We missed these simple fun things at home!

In the morning, we headed to the famous Chauli Ki Jali! A lovely trek and a remarkable place. The kids and daddy had a race up the top, whilst I saved my breath for the real adventure – rappelling and rock climbing! Oh, the feeling was awesome!

For some soul searching, we visited an ancient temple. This is steeped in history and was a lesson of our heritage as we met a priest who explained the historical importance of it. The reverberating sound of bells echoing in the hills has its own charm!

The kids even visited a famous local chocolatier and we all in fact savoured the best handmade chocolates ever! Melted into our mouths straightway!

Wish we could have stayed there forever! Can’t wait to get to the next weekend trip from Delhi, heading back this time during snowfall! Fairly untouched in winters, these offbeat hill stations near Delhi are perfect places for families!


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