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Make Your Road Trip Memorable – Tips And Hacks

Everyone loves to be on roads, tripping throughout the way whilst enjoying the view and themselves. But are we taking everything into consideration, and promising ourselves, a healthy trip? Adapt these tips and hacks, to make your road trip memorable and get on a getaway to Nainital/Bhimtal/Naukuchiatal/Muksteshwar.

Make Your Road Trip Memorable | Why?

Those long journeys are often missed, when an individual is traveling through modes of transport, other than roadways – railways, airplanes, helicopters, etc. Then, the only focus is on the destination and the upcoming fun and excitement. But some of us enjoy the travelling part too. Watching through the window – the roads and different elements of the environment, how the routes change, different pedestrians; they happen to notice, often, what others intentionally miss. They choose roads and personal vehicle over other modes, to reach their destinations. They believe that their fun part starts, right from the ignition of the vehicle and ends when they are back at home, in their comfort zone!

If seen practically, it is the best way to travel. You get to enjoy every bit of your journey, get yourself first-hand experience and plan as per your own requirements, expectations and desires. You may get a chance to see, what people would obviously miss, while in airplanes. Go for it, if you ever get such opportunity. The fun is not always about the destination or new things; you get to do, in an entirely different city. While traveling, you always get to see/feel/do different stuff – with your friends/partner/family, etc. Those are counted as valuable experiences as well, and to be honest, those are more thrilling and adventurous.

Make Your Road Trip Memorable | How To?

At that moment, you are responsible for all of your actions – choosing the routes, handling the map/guide, following new paths to reach your destination, fixing and maintaining your car/vehicles, etc. But all road trips do not result in good experiences; there is always a need of a full-proof plan (which includes substitutes as well), to make your road trips successful. People will, often, suggest and advise you for different things to do, but they will never make you aware about the following things:

  • Know Your Way/Plan:

It is always exciting to find new routes or shortcuts to your destination, but forgetting small turns and getting lost in a whole different area/city/country, is not at all exciting. Instead, it is scary and misleading. Sometimes, people take days to find the correct way, to get to their destinations. Always carry the necessary map/guide in your vehicles; just in case. Your knowledge shall include about your plan too – what and where your destinations are, are there any stops in between, etc.

  • Pack Like You Know It:

It comes as unexpected situations, but does a lot of damage to your time and efforts – not having the necessary things. Always and always, pack your bags like a pro. You should know what your necessities are, and what can come in handy (in general). Do a search about pros and cons about the route, you are choosing for your travel/journey, and update yourself with all the helpful things like extra cans of fuel, food and beverages, compass, map/guide, stepney/extra tyres, first aid, etc. From your backpack to the boot of your vehicle, you should not just know what you have packed, but also where you will find all those things, when in need/emergency.

  • Ditch Your Gadgets:

You are out there on roads, to enjoy with your folks and not to stare at your phone’s screen – the entire time! Ditch them for this journey, for the hours you are going to stay out. Enjoy and reconnect with people and places, with locals in those places, and make memories. It is important to connect with oneself to know what peace and ease are like, to connect with your own vibes and freshen up your thoughts and divert all of your excitement and expectations towards the journey. This way, you will be present in the real world, and will be able to make the best out of it. And to not to be totally away from the digital world, as it is important to update about your location to others, in case of emergency; carry your camera and a journal – so that, you capture and write about it, for the betterment of your memory.

  • Be Flexible:

Your road trips demand to be spontaneous and flexible, while you are on your way. While you are on the roads, you might find something more fascinating than your destinations and you want to visit it, but you’re less on time. Hence, you can add a stop to that place, while coming back, from your destination. Or maybe, you can visit it before you reach your destination, and postpone it by a few hours. You need to be flexible, to avoid arguments and tension, because interests are pretty dynamic and there are several elements out there, which can change your mood and even plans.

  • Carry Your Fun Stuff:

Even though the road trips are beautiful and exciting, as they sound, but they can get monotonous at times. You should always carry either a football, frisbee, deck of cards – UNO, etc; or have your own set of games like – dumb charades, etc. This way, you do not let the driver feel bored, let alone yourself and let’s face it, you enjoy simultaneously.

  • Road Safety:

It is the roads, we are talking about; you are responsible for your own doings and finding help on roads is a bit risky and difficult. Punctures, breakdowns, heated engines – are just some of the problems you can face, while travelling on roads. Other problems like hitchhikers, robbers, goons; are really difficult to handle. In such cases and situations, always keep thing like heavy stick, SOS, emergency numbers, etc; handy!

  • Be The Thrilling You – Let It Out

It is important for any trip to become memorable, is by being yourself throughout the trip. Knowing what you need and how you need, the things and the elements in the trip, and not caving because of what majority needs; would make this trip memorable for you. Not being selfish, but being the real you, letting out your wild and thrilling side on a road trip, is one grateful thing you will be doing to yourself.

Make Your Road Trip Memorable | Would You Now?

Road trips are made awesome by your right decisions and choices. They are thrilling and adventurous, because you do not back out from being yourself, and taking risks. Pack your bags appropriately and carry all your necessities, stuff all of them in your vehicle and go-go-go!

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