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Best Monsoon Travel Destinations in India

There is no specific time for our mood to travel, in and around the country. And sometimes, the weather may or may not be suitable to your mood. But there are specific Monsoon Travel Destinations in the country, which are only mesmerizing, when visited in few specific seasons around the year.

Monsoon Travel Destinations | Overview

For instance, in summers, people prefer to visit the hill stations or the coastal areas of the country. But there are few corners, around the year, when it is difficult to plan for the vacation. The monsoons! When it’s really hard to discover which state/city will have less amount of humidity/heat, or which areas in the country, will satisfy our expectations, etc. After surveying and counting on a number of local experiences, there’s a list of handful places, which provide with an amazing vacation experience, in the monsoons.

Take notes, people! Monsoons are here and so are your vacations, and we would not want you to waste your energies on your office desks/text books:

Monsoon Travel Destinations | Locations:

  • Munnar – Kerala:

We all know how lovely Kerala is, throughout the year, but in the monsoons, it has an electrifying view to recreate your trust in beauty! From the scenic views to the coastal beaches, Kerala has it all. Moreover, with open skies and greenery all over the place, it makes one of the best places to be at, during monsoons. It’s an ideal escape if you’re looking for some quiet time amidst the mountains.

  • Cherrapunjee – Meghalaya:

With hilly areas and mountain-scapes, Cherrapunjee is on every trekker’s to-be-at list. Especially in monsoons, when the ferocity of shower spells on the beauty of the city, the second wettest place on the planet blooms up.

  • Lahaul – Spiti, Himachal Pradesh:

Due to heavy snowfall and landslides towards the end of the year, Lahaul keeps its doors closed for the visitors. But the month of August, is the best for every visitor, who wish to explore its solitude. One of the best monsoon places in the country, known for activities like Skiing and Yak Rides; the place is surrounded with beautiful monasteries, indulging into the culture.

  • Mussoorie, Kausani, Valley of Flowers, Nainital – Uttrakhand:

Even though the entire state is a joyous place to be at, few places (mentioned above) are the best to visit, during monsoons. Mussoorie and Nainital, a tourist hub throughout the year, are known for their beauty and famous holiday stays. But Valley of Flowers is a World Heritage Site, and is the most amazing view, to look at, during rain showers. The scenic view is so mesmerizing, that most of the visitors prefer to travel solo. It is mainly known for its sprawling meadows of numerous species of flowers, the fauna here is also rich including rare and endangered animals like the snow leopard, musk deer and the brown bear.

  • Goa – We all know it, in and out!

We have been there, in almost every kind of season, and the experiences have been close-to-perfection. But if you are looking for heavy scale of showers, along with the beaches, Goa is place to go for, in the month of August. There’s not much to explain, as to why Goa is on everyone’s list, but with its collection of beaches and the scale of crowd, throughout the year; it has become one of the best places, to visit during monsoons.

  • Athirapally Falls – Kerala

Here we are again, with the beauty and the location, where the God descends, himself. With beautiful beaches and coastal spaces, Kerala also has a district with this famous waterfall – Athirapally Falls! As these falls are as bigger than they actually look, there is a limited time period allotted to the visitors, to visit and witness the beauty. There are many other sites near these waterfall like Kauthuka Park, Thumboormuzhy Dam & Riverview Garden, Butterfly garden, Botanical Garden, Chapra Falls, Vazhachal Falls, Dream World Amusement Park, Silverstorm water theme park.

  • Lonavala – Maharashtra:

Even though the western coastal locals witness the showers for half of the year, Lonavala is on their check list every year, to witness the beauty of green pads of hills and pure air. Lonavala has a number of view-points and trekking options around, all of which are a joy to behold during the Sahyadri monsoons.

Monsoon Travel Destinations | Booking, already?

We all love monsoons and besides working at our desks and watching the monsoons pass-by, through our windows, we all would wish to get out and enjoy the rain showers thoroughly! Maybe, this year, you can actually visit one of these places and tick-off your annual vacations, from your list!


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