Must-Do Hill Stations Near Delhi to Reinvigorate every Business Traveller

A weekend getaway is not same for everyone. With professional life spilling into personal life, it is not surprising that the thin line between business and leisure is also blurring. “Bizcationis a perfect opportunity to extend the business trip by a couple of more days to make it into a weekend getaway along with the family. Or simply an extra day or two to unwind alone, from the rigours of work.

Here’s my personal list of not-to-miss hill stations near Delhi, for the over worked business travellers:

Bhimtal, Naukuchiatal, Mukteshwar, Binsar, Kausani. 

These refreshing getaways near Delhi lie nestled against lush, serene, rolling Himalayas. Every mountain lover’s delight, these hill stations near Delhi are breathtakingly relaxing. They can help every business traveller unwind and reclaim themselves. Covered with a wide expanse of forests, these hills are home to various species of flora and fauna. They also double up as a veritable goldmine for bird watchers and the adventurous. One can spend hours meditating in silence or undertaking trail walks, or simply gazing at the star spangled sky and the stupendous mountains, at any of these hill stations near Delhi.

Some of the activities offered at these stupendous weekend getaways include:


Boating, kayaking and fishing are a must do at this hill station near Delhi. Located in close proximity to the wondrous hill stations: Sattal and Naukuchiatal.bhimtal-hill station near Delhi. Uttarakhand


Highly recommended for paragliding, Naukuchiatal is a hill station near Delhi where a business traveller can destress with short nature walks.paragliding-at-naukuchiatal


A stunning hill station and weekend getaway from Delhi; where one can spend time visiting apple, pear orchards or undertaking adventure sports.

mukteshwar-view-of-the-himalayas. weekend destination

Located near Almora, Binsar is a nature lovers’ haven, with a view of snow capped glistening mountain peaks. It offers historical sojourns, like the Japanese cave and sightseeing places like the Golu Devta temple, Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, Binsar zoo and Binsar museum.trek-route-in-binsar-wildlife-sanctury


A quaint hill station near Delhi where Gandhi Ji spent few days at the Anasakti Ashram. A visit to the charming tea gardens is a must.tea-garden in Kausani, Uttarakhand

Dos and Don’ts to make your bizacation an utterly delightful one.
  1. Take taxis or private cars (either from the hotel or those booked with reputable taxi companies in Delhi).
  1. Figure out the best route options of your weekend getaway, including the road conditions. Make one or two pit stops at Dhabas or better still McDonalds, KFC, Bikanerwala which have clean washrooms to offer.
  1. Be updated with your tasks in hand before you travel.
  1. Carry a pair or two of casuals, including sneakers/walking shoes, binoculars, hats and shades for treks and sightseeing. A light jacket or shawl is recommended for evenings/early mornings.
  1. Avoid unhealthy snacks or eating a meal from an unhygienic kiosk. Eat light, healthy and have your favourite juice.
  1. Don’t forget your laptop and all the cords, cables, converters, chargers, adapters that you’ll need for plugging it in. Preferably carry them in a single hand    carry bag.
  1. Don’t forget the GPS/Navigation System. It’s a good idea to use a navigation system that’s on your phone and one that you are already familiar with, instead of completely relying on the cabbie. Keep the phone battery pack handy
  1. Don’t forget to carry enough business cards, including your ID proof which these days is required in most of the good hotels and resorts.

It’s the perfect time of the year now as the autumns approaches. Enjoy these hill stations near Delhi. Go indulge yourself and plan your bizacation now!


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