My Rendezvous with Tranquility at a hill station near Delhi…!

After a blissfully quiet and a sound sleep, I woke up to the clear, crispy sounds of the birds chirping. I opened the curtains and peeped outside. I was at a scenic hill station near Delhi.

The scene was very misty as the sun was still rising. It looked so serene and calm. There was something mystical about the morning. I was liking it more soon after my road trip from Delhi.

It was as if nature had come to greet me at a hill station near Delhi, in all its morning glory. It actually made me leave my snug bed and come out of my cottage. I ventured out to the inviting and rustic wooden bench in the porch, and sat enchanted, soaking up the beauty of the magnificent hills arising near the horizon and the deep green valleys. What an amazing tourist place near Delhi.

I sat there, undisturbed and unperturbed. I watched the morning come out in its full galore as the rays of the sun emerged slowly from behind the mountains. The clear and pure sky changed its hues from a haze of white to a golden orange. Weekend getaways are so refreshing.sunrise-in-hills-near-delhiAs I had arrived the day before, a little towards the evening, the quaint resort tucked in the folds of the green hills at one of the tourist places near Delhi, had started to play its charm on me. It was love at first sight! I felt that I had been transported into another world in a second.

My room was a charming mountain cottage, with wooden flooring and a wooden staircase leading to a cozy attic area. And all mine for this time! It just blew my mind away. People often seek such peaceful spots at hill stations near Delhi.
And what a lovely view visible through the huge glass windows! I could feel the magnanimity and harmony of height, natural serenity and the beauty of snow capped mountain peaks. Why, I could almost smell the pine trees!

“As soon as I arrive, I am just going to leave my luggage, freshen up and zip into the woods, trek in the cedar groves till I can walk no more!” I had told my friends, eager and excited not to waste a second of my precious holiday time. I had been contemplating the best hill station near Delhi and my choice of rustic Kumaon was surely one of the best choices I had made!
But it had started to rain as I arrived via a road trip from Delhi. Yet everything looked so lovely in the rain. Even though I could not venture out, I could enjoy the lovely natural view. My spirits rose instantaneously!

The showers stopped intermittently but I had no time to notice. Yup! This leisure queen had a wine glass next to her, a fire going in the fire place and a great book to keep her company. I was deeply engrossed!fireplaceHad I already finished the thick book? Unbelievable! I would normally have taken a whole month to finish it back home. Here, in one of the lesser known getaways from Delhi, I had gorged it down in a single gulp!
Was there anything more that I could ask for? The aroma of hot food made me realize that I was very hungry. Oh, I felt that I could eat a wolf!

The great piping hot Pahari food at these off-the-regular tourist places near Delhi is always so delicious. Yippee! To my surprise, the retreat had its own organic farm ingredients to make their own breads, jams, salads and of course gourmet continental dishes along with a long list of traditional mountain dishes.

With such great food, ambience and surroundings I was in seventh heaven! I can’t describe the feeling of solitude and peace enough at this splendid tourist place near Delhi! I had all the time in the world to indulge myself in the abundance of natural beauty.
What did I do in the whole trip? Well, technically ‘nothing’! Actually ‘everything’ that I had been missing out! Like connecting with nature! Enjoying the simplicity of basics and marveling in the craftsmanship of God in every simple thing that He has created!

Listening to the ‘silent’ sounds of nature. Listening to my own heartbeat and my pulse! Getting to know myself more! Connecting with ‘me’! Learning to let go!nature-walks-near-holiday-home

The trip to the mighty Himalayas and the greens of Kumaon in the rains is one experience that I will never forget. It scores high and is probably the greenest and nearest place to visit from Delhi with such luscious charm. I am surely coming back here again and again! What perfect weekend getaways are hidden in the hill stations near Delhi within 300 kms!


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