Pangot bird sanctuary

A weekend getaway to Pangot and Kilbury Bird Sanctuary

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ~ Lao Tzu

There is nothing more peaceful and pleasing than leaning back into the lap of Mother Nature and knowing that you have all the time in the world to explore something much more precious than bags of gold and silver.

Splendid flora and fauna is found amidst every small corner of Earth and each little thing causes curiosity and wonder.

One such breathtaking beauty lies in the Pangot and Kilbury Bird Sanctuary in Nainital. Never have I before or since seen such amazing sights, nestled right into the majestic wings of the bird of nature. A perfect weekend getaway.

Pangot is in itself a place to enjoy. One can trek through it for hours on end, and not get exhausted, due to the wonderful atmosphere that surrounds the place.

The sanctuary, which is under the district administration of Nainital, beholds wonders that are far more than those visible to the human eye. It is a paradise for those who love wildlife photography and a bird lover’s favorite destination, with animals such as leopards, gorals and deer living in its grandeur.

If one is lucky, one can spot unique birds flying among the immensely green and lush tree-tops. There are Greenish Warblers, Dollarbirds, Himalayan Bulbuls and Streaked Laughingthrushes. The list is endless… there are more than 580 avian species!

Pangot : bird watching

The location is such that is surrounded by other destinations that can be enthusiastically enjoyed. There are the Eco Cave Gardens, Tiffin Top and Nainital Lake to name just a few of them.

So many treasures, so much of joy, a galore of learning… and from where does it all come? Only one destination, the Pangot and Kilbury Bird Sanctuary!

So many in number are the spectacles of this place, that one can try to spot them over multitudes of trips over the years, and yet not be able to cover all of them. The stupendous displays of this incredible site cannot be expressed enough in words.

Thus, rather than me pondering over the wonders of this stunning sanctuary and the many other things it holds, it would be better for someone to go and explore it themselves. And that ‘someone’ is you! After all it it one of offbeat places to visit near Delhi!

So pack your bags, grab some tickets for Nainital and go to this astounding destination yourself today!


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