Romance + Adventure + Spirituality = Dreamy Getaways near Delhi

 “Nainital” – For the Love of Adventure!


Who could have thought I’d find my perfect adventure story in the midst of cool blue waters and lush greenery! But I was taken by surprise when Nainital, one of the humble getaways near Delhi, did exactly that!

A children’s park near my resort in Nainital served as the best escape from adult life for a little while. Our rooms were spic and span and warm. Speaking of warmth, there was a fireplace too within the premises!

A few hours of rest and we were good to touch new heights of adrenalin (quite literally) at Mukteshwar. What a panoramic sight it was from an altitude of 2286 meters! I found myself gazing at the Godly mountain peaks and the blue skies and was tempted to do the most clichéd thing while at it; shouting my name and having the mountains echo it back!

Our next stop was Naini Lake. Rowing our boat in the calm waters of the lake flanked by mountains, was relaxing to say the least. The second round of rowing was uplifting.

I had arrived to Nainital with a lighter bag, but was returning with one that was heavy with memories….


“Bhimtal” & “Naukuchiatal” – on the list!

Nainital proved to be a great choice for a weekend getaway, but I couldn’t make it to Bhimtal and Naukuchiatal. However, there is some respite in the fact that my partner and I have decided to visit the two hill stations this summer. Both these destinations have hidden gems of nature which I wish to unveil.


“Lansdowne” – For the Love of Spirituality!

If you’re looking to find yourself in quietude, Lansdowne is the real deal! I’d largely attribute my spiritual awakening to the land of wilderness, as I fondly call it.

For starters, no sunrise has ever been as enchanting as the one I witnessed from the terrace of my resort. I shall never forget the golden rays of the sun fondling my skin. This brush with the Sun Lord was followed by a visit to Tip n Top Point. A breathtaking view of the majestic hills had a calming effect on my senses. My soul had been nourished. Now, it was time to nourish my grumbling stomach. A small marketplace in the vicinity was just what I needed!  The local flavours of aaloo tikki were nothing short of magic and they still linger on my tongue as I write. On my way back, I peeped out of the window and was awestruck by the countless stars in the sky. Just then Coldplay crooned… “Lights will guide you home” …


“Mussoorie” – For the Love of Romance!

If you’re a hopeless romantic, you will find enough romance in Mussoorie, just as I did…

  • Romancing nature at Dhanaulti

Upon reaching, I was enticed by the aroma of Maggi and chai. Atop the mountain, Cupid struck and it was love at first sight! I rested myself on a bench to take in the picturesque view around me.

  • Romancing local life at Mall Road

The Mall Road is a charming marketplace. The shopkeepers are people of the mountains and their honesty and sweet dialect won my heart.

  • Romancing food at Chick Chocolate

If you are from Delhi, you are likely to know about The Big Chill. Now, imagine The Big Chill whipping up some amazing shakes (or anything cheesy!) at a relatively reasonable price at the Mall Road! That’s Chick Choc for you. For me, it was a slice (or four) of heaven!

This was my travel experience.. Now, it’s your turn!

Say Bye to your office chair for a while and pick any of these dreamy getaways for lots & lots of amazing memories! 


About Namrata Gulati Sapra

I have always been an avid traveller and a passionate writer. Being a travel blogger, gives me an opportunity to combine the two. I feel extremely fortunate for being married to a fauji as it gives me the luxury to travel to various parts of India and unearth their beauty through my writings. I hope you get to live some of my travel experiences through my blogs!

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