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Safest Women Travel Destinations in India – Gang/solo

Had it been about some other country or state, we would not have focused much on this issue, but we are talking about India, where the mentality and the approaches have stooped way low, for women. They cannot live and reside properly, let alone travel around the country, alone or with their gang of friends. If you wish to hang around with your gang of friends, or even alone, check out these Safest Women Travel Destinations in India, where you can feel your comfort and safety on priority.

Safest Women Travel Destinations | We Are Concerned

Not all cities or states, in a country like India, are contaminated towards respecting women, of any given age/class/caste/background, etc. But, it is important to learn again, the fact that we exist because of them. There are certain limits and boundaries, which when crossed, erase off the lines to differentiate – between a human and an animal. And, let’s not forget, they deserve all kinds of human rights – speak, breathe, travel – just like any other human being or an animal. Fortunately, there are some safe places, travel destinations, where women can hang around. They do not have to stay, all the time, in the alarming or horrified state, when outside their houses!

Safest Women Travel Destinations | Look OUT!

Check out these safest women travel destinations, where one can feel the freedom and safety, and respect, they actually deserve:

  • Coorg – Karnataka

It is known to be a district, where tea plantation is one of their major businesses, in Karnataka. Coorg ranks the topmost in this list, where women are treated with respect, and are considered equal to just anyone. And also, for their entertainment, they are provided with adventurous opportunities like – trekking, camping, jungle safari, rafting and other water sports, etc.

The sex ratio in Coorg, and other places like Bangalore, favors women. And also, the literacy rate is, comparatively, higher than other cities; and the crime is lower too!

  • The Andaman Islands:

As it is one of the biggest profit-making destinations, on the face of the Earth; hence, the tourism industry focuses more on the safety! All you have to care about is the safety near and inside water; the rest is assured and safely proclaimed. Andaman Islands, anyhow, serve the best one can have, while vacationing! From snorkeling to scuba diving in water world; everything is provided to the tourists. And, don’t forget about the beach activities and the exclusive fun.

  • Hampi – Karnataka

It is a small village in the south east direction, of the country, which has always proved to be friendly, and helpful to the visitors. It is one religious place, where every kind of individual, visits and bow down to the spirituality and the religious values. The only dangerous thing about this place is the animals, the wild and untamed ones, as this village does not hold any protection from them. Do not prefer to go out at night, as there are wild boards and leopards on loose!

  • Ladakh – Come to the Mountains

The holiday culture of this place is way different and unique, in nature, as compared to other tourist destinations, in a country like India. Health is the only issue, one need to consider about; else a woman is as safe at this place, as she will be in her comfort zone. Escort vehicles, army assistance and friendly locals make Ladakh a safe travel destination. And, we all know, what this place is famous for – high mountains, snow, trekking! So, keep your health and lungs in check, and get your backpacks, already?

  • Nainital and Nearby Districts:

This is the only hill-station, which has been voted out to be one of the safest women travel destinations in India. This place has tourists, from around the world, throughout the year and hence, has been given full-time protection. Famous for its narrow shopping streets – Mall Road, and boating in the in-city lake – Nainital Lake; Nainital has been servicing women since ages, in the terms of respect and entertainment.

  • Mumbai – Maharashtra

Unlike Delhi, this metropolitan city has been able to fulfill every girl’s dream, whosoever has wanted to roam around in a city, without being dependent or surrounded by bodyguards. From police officers to commoners; everyone holds a level of sense and respect towards women, and knows how to treat them. There are crime cases, but pretty low, if compared with all the cities and states, in this country. This city has also been listed in one of the safest women travel destinations, in this country, on the basis of several research papers and surveys.

Safest Women Travel Destinations | Enjoy Your Time!

Now, you are aware of where you can go, when you will have time and passport(s) in hand! These destinations have proved to be the safest, in the country, outsmarting each one! But, everything cannot go as per, what is printed online. You girls are the future of this country, and the world, and we don’t wish to lose you to any kind of misfortune!



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