Sail Smooth, Travel Light – Don’t Be A Donkey

If you have lodged around your luggage while travelling, and cursed yourself, to pack so many things in your backpack for the journey; then you need to plan and shift your thought process to this. Travelling is more about exploring and enjoying, while walking around the city/location, and capturing every element in your memory. It doesn’t focus on the destination, because it doesn’t have any. While exploring and witnessing everything around you, is the real essence of travelling. In a group or solo, your backpack is the solution to everything. The solutions, which come in handy in every situation and problematic event, are the sole reason for your backpack to exist. Keeping this in mind, do we actually sail smooth and travel light?

Travel Light | Overview

You pack your necessities, clothes, gadgets and other things like creams, sunglasses, footwear, food and drinks, etc; which do not count under the umbrella called “Smart Packing”. One needs to understand the different between necessities and every other thing, while packing for their travel backpack. The more you pack, the less you are able to enjoy while travelling. We all have heard about the statement that goes like: “Travel Light”, but do we even follow that? Do we care enough to feel mercy on our bags and our feet, while thinking about what should we include in our list-to-pack and what we should ignore for a particular vacation? If stuffing things, whatever you find around, is packing for you, then we shall revise your idea about the same!

Travel Light | How To?

There is no rocket-science behind what you should include or how you should pack your backpack for the journey, but there is a not-so-long thought process included, for the same. You should know about a few little things, while preparing your backpack:

  • Prioritize Your Needs:

Know about your destination, before you even take out stuff for packing. You need to know what you would require at the location, what you might need while traveling and what are your basic needs – clothes and medicines/first-aid, footwear, eateries and a few beverages and something that you cannot live without (you can live without phones, to be honest). You need to look out for the things to carry, prioritize them as per your requirements and pack. Stuffing your bag with almost your entire cupboard is not “Smart-Packing”.

  • Playing Your Mind:

This plays with your psychological sense of understanding, in regards to the size of your luggage/suitcase/backpack. Smaller the size, lesser the number of things you are going to carry with yourself. And on that stage, you will be able to decide appropriately, about the things, that you need to carry while travelling. This way, you cut down on several things while packing and think thrice before fitting them inside your bag. Plus, if you are carrying small backpacks, it will help you to walk/travel fast.

  • Divide And Conquer:

Your backpack is more like your history syllabus, that cannot be studied in one go. You need to divide the backpack and think of what things, you should be fitting in those spaces. Space for clothes should be different from the space for little things like medicines, keys, etc; and the space for your footwear should be different from the pockets for your food and beverages. During emergencies or urgent situations, when one is less on time and is in a hurry, he/she should be able to find the right things on right time! Or you can define zones in your backpack: Top zone and loops can carry your light weighted things like medicines and keys, middle zone can carry your less essential stuff like clothes – which you would not want every day and lastly, the third zone which will carry your least needed stuff like camping essentials or footwear, etc.

  • Travelling Essentials:

Travelling essentials are far, in terms of meaning and usage, from your personal essentials. They include: compass, guide/maps, rain-cover, GPS, extra clothing for camps or can be used for any other activity, etc. These are counted as the basic essential for every traveler, who is not going for a laid-back vacation, with his folks. These are small in size and need a very compact space in your backpacks, and hence, shall not be a hassle for you to carry around. You will not have to ditch any of your stuff while packing for these things, because no matter what, these things will always top your things, in terms of your priorities.

  • Know How To Wear And Carry:

Packing stuff inside is not the only thing you need to do, to travel light. You shall also be aware about the hacks to carry that backpack of yours. There are certain times, when things from inside, poke on your backside while travelling. For the easiest way

Loosen up all the straps and put it on a higher level than the ground, duck and put one shoulder inside one of the shoulder straps, bent your knees and put on another shoulder strap, lean forward and swing the backpack onto your back, stand in the same position straighten up the bag, buckle up from your chest and make your usual adjustments.

Travel Light | Let’s Sail Smooth

Your every journey starts from the backpack and ends at the same place. It contains all of your things, that you will need throughout your traveling time and all of your basic necessities, which will keep you alive! Do not stuff inside like you have a lot of space, even if you are left with some space, save it for the things you get there!

Decide, think and pack.

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  1. 03/11/2018 at 11:28 AM

    I’ve decided I’m going to travel India, China and south east Asia next year once I finish college. I was majorly inspired to do this when you were uploading from south east Asia and I was watching your vlogs every night. These tips are going to help a lot. Thanks guys :)

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