Six Superb Ideas for an Unforgettable Valentine’s Day!

So, the Cupid Month is on. Valentine’s Day is round the corner and we can see many a cupid-stuck couples walking hand-in-hand filling the air with so much love and warmth. It’s time you plan something special for your partner which makes him/her fall in love with you all over again. Don’t let your spouse send subtle hints about how he much he/she wants Valentine’s Day to be special. Instead, be prepared with a killer surprise plan and a unique gift…..!

Here are six superb ideas for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day Experience!!!

Camping under the Stars: If you want a drive combined with romantic time together amidst scenic mountains combined with unique experiences, then book yourself a riverside resort in Rishikesh or a holiday stay in Uttarakhand. Visualise a candlelight dinner by the riverside, romancing and camping under the star-lit sky, enjoying bonfire while soothing music plays nearby and trying adventure activities like rafting, trekking, paragliding (if you so wish). Aah, surely a unique and dreamy Valentine’s Day awaits you!

A Romantic Drive: Nothing can be more romantic than a drive with your sweetheart on Yamuna Expressway. Super smooth ride leading to the magnificent Taj Mahal, the ultimate symbol of love followed by a romantic dinner in Agra will be a perfect way to spend this romantic day. You may also get mehandi applied on your hands and renew your vows with Taj Mahal as backdrop.

Gift with a Personal Touch: If you are too busy for a weekend getaway, then no worries, plan a surprise at home. Create restaurant-like-setting at your home, turn-up the music, make a heart-shaped pizza or any of your partner’s favourites followed by a delicious dessert. Rekindle your romance by watching a movie you both love or watched first together again. Add a personal touch to your gift by creating a picture book of your fav pics together with romantic notes on each or a bowl filled with love notes or memorable instances or give your spouse cues about finding the valentine gifts around the house.

Surprise with a Couple Spa Weekend Getaway: Rejuvenate your spouse by booking a spa package at a nearby resort like Neemrana, which offers spa and treatments with breathtaking views. Enjoy the road trip with some romantic music followed by a tryst with the wonderfully restored Neemrana Fort. Surprise with a candlelight dinner while someone sings or plays guitar under the star-studded sky. Some adventure activities like zipping etc. can also be done by the fitness freaks.

Get romantic in the City of Lakes ‘’Udaipur’’: Nowhere can you imagine relishing gourmet food while boating other than in Udaipur. Feast in royal palace and treat your spouse with ultimate Rajput luxury in the city of lakes. Book a room in any restored palace for the weekend and make her feel like a Queen by pampering her with gifts, boat rides, massages, royal delicacies and more.

Recreating your First Date: Sounds fun? It surely is. Surprise your partner by showing up in the office on Valentine’s Day and going out for a lunch together at your first dinner/lunch date place. Or, send a romantic text asking him/her to come to the very same place you first went on a date together and plan the day in the very same way it happened before. It will make you reminiscence all those special moments together and bring back the fond memories of your SPECIAL time.

Now that you have got the ideas, make sure this Valentine’s Day is special and unforgettable one for your spouse. And don’t forget to say ‘’I LOVE YOU’’. 🙂


About Shruti Yadav

Hi, I am Shruti, who not sooo long ago left a full-time corporate job In Content Writing to become an Army Wife. Since then, I have been juggling between my work assignments as a freelancer, commitments as an Army Wife, handling an eight month old, managing the frequent shifting n my home and everything else in between. Love to write and love to travel, which prompts me to put down everything related to the journey and destinations.

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