Best friends ready to travel

The Compensation Friendship Call

Ten things to do with your best friend.

“Life happened” he said with a loud shrug, my childhood friend who used to share his Nutella sandwiches and prime numbers homework with me, had a convenient answer today, Life Happened to us. Our friendship was in dire need of a reboot button.

I was in the middle of my chores for the weekend, I got my car washed and drove to the fuel station and on the way; I saw these bickering friends complaining about the girl they both liked. I couldn’t resist and landed at my dormant best friend’s doorstep. As he was surprised by this unsolicited visitor, I was more surprised to have imposed on him on a lazy Saturday morning, very unlike me.

I rushed to his bedroom and packed his few essentials and placed a decaf latte cup on his gaming console and handed him a pack of gummy bears, our must poison from the childhood days. And he knew, just knew he had to sit in the car and head towards an undisclosed destination.

I had other plans, over the week, my Mac had been flooded with tabs on weekend getaways to beat the Delhi cacophony and rush. I came across Ramgarh, an obscure spot at the outskirts of Uttarakhand, fairly an unknown destination to explore the indigenous rich Kumaoni culture. All my adult life, I have always been inspired by the Kumaoni songs my ex girlfriend used to hum and annoy me.

mountain road : Road trip

So ya, getting back to do’s.

  1. Wake up and pack your favourite t- shirt and walking shoes.
  2. Absolutely fuel your car and make sure spontaneous plans do not fall through the monthly car service, otherwise you will find yourself stranded on the road to Mukteshwar for hours, before a localite angel’ comes to your rescue.
  3. Post many eye daggers from my best friend, it’s a must; to stop at a local Chai Tapri to sip the refreshing Chai with lead free Maggi to diffuse the tension and hunger pangs.
  4. It’s a must to book a beautiful Ramgarh cottage in advance, to avoid the tiring negotiation skills.
  5. Walk around the Ramgarh Village, to experience the blossoming orchards. Might I suggest, to research on the flowering season of the apricot orchards, like I did to impress my best friend with my ‘spontaneous travel tricks’.Ramgarh : blooming orchard
  6. Enjoy the complimentary red wine, courtesy our cottage manager, a token for us to cease the regular chain of unending questions and enquiries.
  7. If lucky, experience the snow clad Kumaon Peaks from your room, while you relive your old classroom pranks on the Sociology Professor.
  8. EAT EAT EAT! forget your calorie calendar and screaming gym trainer, awaken the gourmet gormandizer in you to savor the seasonal fruits of Kumaon, no wonder Ramgarh is called the Fruit Bowl of Kumaon.
  9. Walk on the hiking trails of Ramgarh amidst the pristine environment, admiring the view of majestic Himalayas and challenge your best friend to the longest night trail. Which he lost, by the way.nature trail
  10. Never adhere to your to do lists on this getaway, which points to anything but the spontaneous weekend getaway with your buddy. Every friend loves your unannounced visit and is dying for you to drag them to an impromptu getaway.

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Devyani is a post graduate of Apparel Design at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad (2013). Furthermore, an adroit Textile Designer, post her under graduate study at the National Institute of Fashion Technology. With an extensive appetite for experiences with travel, people, places and culture with the right ingredients of humanities, Devyani is the Principal Designer at Bainjani Media Solutions, writing stories and designs experiences visually for a living. She is a Lover of the written word illustrates for merriment or to vent, ardent music fanatic and cinema aficionado.

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