Offbeat Things To Do in Nainital! – Lesser Known but Wilder!

Almost all of us have gone to Nainital, spent hours/days/weeks, to release our tension and enjoy the mountains. The distance from the nearby regions like Delhi, Chandigarh, Haryana, Noida, etc; have made Nainital, one of the best weekend-getaway destinations! Check out these Things to-do in Nainital, and make your next trip worthwhile.

Things To Do in Nainital | Overview

Apparently, no! It is just not about the steep volcanic lake boating or high mountains, with greener trees and shrubs. It is just not about the lake boating and/or bygone era cottages. Those beautiful resorts and holiday stays are just on the periphery of, what Nainital actually holds. Even if people have visited about twenty times, in their lifetime, they never say no to this place – situated in Kumaon region of Uttrakhand. But have they visited and witnessed everything? Is Nainital as small, as it looks like? Are there only mountains and greenery, it shall be known for, till it lasts?

Things To Do in Nainital | Note Them Down!

We recollected the local experiences from, around the city, and listed it in this post. We want you to plan out your schedules accordingly, when you visit our holiday stays, in Nainital!

  • Joseph’s Boat Club:

We all have gone for boating to Nainital Lake, where we sit in boats while one of the staff members, take us for the boat ride along the lake. But have you been to this club of boats, where you can even learn Kayaking for just Rs. 25/year. YES! Just twenty five bucks a year and you can kayak your way, professionally. This boat club is situation near the lake, right opposite to the mall road. Make sure, you give it a visit, even if you are there for just a couple of days. And get yourself a membership/admission, if your stay extends.

  • Garud Tal:

Part of the network of seven lakes – Saattal, Garud tal is one of the most happening spot, in Nainital. Due to the presence of hotels and holiday stays around the lake, you might as well go there, for a small picnic.

  • Trek to China Peal – Adrenaline Rush Much?

It is known to be the highest point of Nainital, from where, you are able to watch the Himalayan Range, without the cloudy disruptions. The trek goes through three types of forests – Pine, Deodar and Cypress, but is simple and easy, even for the beginners. So if you want an extra dose of adventure, you know now, where to head towards!?

  • Sunset at Hanuman Garhi:

We all have witnessed sunsets at different locations, within the cities as well, but what about the view from the top of the mountains? This place contains a beautiful garden with a Hanuman Temple on one end of the region, which has given it the title of another tourist attraction. Make sure you reach an hour before the sunset, because at the extreme time, it just disappears on the horizon. As it cannot hide being massive mountains, as you are standing on one too; it just vanishes in the range of clouds, on the horizon. It is one of the best locations near the Nainital city, to make you wander in the lust of beauty.

  • Killbury and Pangot:

If you do not want to be a part of the bustling cities, in Nainital, book your hotels and resorts near these two hideouts. Away from the usual, these two houses about five hundred species of birds, making them the best places for bird watchers.

  • SharadUtsav – Festival of Kumaon

Celebrated in the month of October, this five day cultural fest happen in the heart of Nainital, where the culture of Kumaon is poured onto every corner of the city. One of the best time, in the entire year, for the tourists to visit and enjoy the festival with the locals. If you wish to get down with the original culture of the state, taste and feel every element of the festival – drive out, book your stay with us, and let us guide you through this beautiful culture.


  • Khurpa Tal:

Known as the hangout place for the teen travelers, as there is not a single trace of tourists. Because this place do not have any tourist attraction, this place is known for the travelers, who wouldn’t spend some time, by themselves. Though, avoid going inside the lake, because the rumor has it – it go whirlpools!

  • Mountaineering Club:

We know, we might be giving you new adventure goals at Nainital, but it’s never too late! If you are an adventure junkie, and Nainital is on your mind – grab your boots, pack your bag and drive to this mountaineering club. It can be a fun thing to do, with your friends/colleagues/folks/partner, on a weekend getaway to Nainital. Organized by NTMC, activities like Rock climbing (on both – artificial and natural rocks), caving, river crossing, rappelling, etc; takes place at the place called “Barapattar”.

Things To Do in Nainital | Trippin’ Already?

These are offbeat things to do in Nainital, which are already sounding so much better than cottage visits and lake boating. Usually, people plan a trip to Nainital, for few hours. But, now that we have given so many goals and things to-do in Nainital, we hope you explore the entire city, while staying at our lavish accommodations.

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