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Thrilling rides on my bike..feel the beauty of a hilly terrain but with caution….

Mountain biking is indeed an electrifying experience however the adrenaline rush needs to be bestowed sensibly or else it can turn into a fatality. This was a fact which was embedded in Sumair’s mind a born biker, for the rest of his life as he witnessed a near death experience with his naked eye. He and his bicycle was glove in hands since past 15 years hence considering the comfort level he owned on his bike he chose to ride up the hill which he did with precise accuracy. However while riding downhill because of poor weight management skills the bike started to toll and fall, making the superior biker he was, lose his complete balance. As a result Sumair landed with multiple fractures and a shattered confidence level.
Mountain biking facts can be a little varied and different because even the most experienced and refined bikers can have faux pas. Best is to take personal training lessons, however gearing up with sufficient amount of content and knowledge is another option to prepare yourself. Hence follow these precious pearls of wisdom when going on your next biking excursion in the Alps:

  • Important to be fit – Cycling to lose weight is one thing and biking on a technical terrain is another. For mountain biking strength and flexibility is paramount, which can be accomplished by adhering to an active and fit regimen. The bumps and rough terrain can be challenged only by an athlete stance hence spend appropriate time on a smooth trail to increase your level of fitness and eventually graduate towards your adventurous dream.
  • Intelligent braking – It simply means braking sensibly especially when climbing down the hill. It can be quite a task as you need to use logic and the correct amount of pressure when applying the brakes. Choose a bike with heavy weight wheels because it increases the braking power. There are two sets of brakes; front and rear wherein front brakes play a pivotal role in manoeuvring the bikes however never neglect the rear brakes. A fine combination of the two can render you with positive results.
  • Jack and Jill went UP the HILL – There are certain tricks to use and apply when climbing up a hilly terrain. First and foremost is to stay seated as much as you can. Standing off the saddle can be helpful when climbing steep hills however it’s a negative as it causes the rear tire to lose its firm grip. Take your body weight forward when going up or else more than climbing you would end up doing a circus stunt and injuring yourself because chances of the front tier going off the ground and popping up increases.
  • Going down the drain ooops I mean HILL – Downhill is a tricky affair if you choose not to implement your intelligence. Going off the saddle is imperative as it’s important for your knees and legs to take the bumps head on rather than your rear. Shifting your weight is the pulse of climbing down a hill as it plays an integral part in balancing your bike. Have a concentration of an eagle’s eye and scrutinize every bump, rock, root, hole, etc.

biking downhill

  • An appropriate accessory isn’t a fashion statement anymore – Wearing a pair of shades isn’t a style statement here but necessities as you don’t want a piece of rock or dust to enter your sharp eyes. Correct pair of sunglasses not only protects you from the scorching sun but also from your eyes getting severely damaged.
  • Go with the flow – Success breeds confidence and confidence breeds success; we all have heard this umpteen number of times. Instead of taking one huge leap in one day learn to be the next tortoise and take baby steps to climb the ladder of success. Trust me you won’t repent this as this is the only way to an injury free road to mountain biking.

So ride the bike, for an exciting life, surprise yourself and push your limits, let the adrenaline rush till you succeed and finish…..
Happy biking!!!


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