Top 5 States in India to Experience Our Vivid Local Culture!

If city life has stopped alluring you, if cliched holiday destinations in India don’t attract you anymore, then it’s time to redefine your travel experience in India. It’s time to explore World famous Indian Culture. Travelling is a way to explore; not only the new place but its culture, heritage and your own self. It’s time to capture the essence of India. Time to immerse yourself in the glorious past, rich traditions, and local culture through new travel experience in India.

From Rajasthan to Tamil Nadu, here are the top five states in India to experience our vivid local culture.

Rajasthan: When it comes to culture and history, you can’t miss Rajasthan. The vivid colours and bright outfits of this holiday destination in India, juxtapose the barren and dry desert. And the historic monuments are witness to the glorious and royal past of Rajasthan. If you are on a Cultural vacation, then make the most of it by camping in Desert and eating local delicacies, roaming in the by lanes of Jodhpur and Udaipur for exquisite handwork and enjoying the gypsy dance by Kalbeliya tribe. You may also plan a trip in February to experience the Jaisalmer Desert Festival, which showcases rich folk culture or after Holi to enjoy the vibrant Gangaur festival.

Odisha: Odisha with its amazing art and craft work, architectural marvels and festivals gives you an opportunity to soak its rich culture. A bicycle tour to the heritage painting village of Raghurajpur will give you an insight into the making of one-of-its-kind ‘’Patachitra’’ painting and participation in the famous Rath Yatra of Jagganath Puri will show immense faith in Divine Power. Experience the rich cultural heritage with Odissi dance form or marvel at Sun Temple in Konark while beach camping. Odisha could be a perfect choice for unique travel experience in India, for it is an unexplored and exotic land with opulent past reflecting through its temples, sculptures, and art forms.

Nagaland: The depth and heritage of Naga culture is yet to be experienced by many. The unique culture of Nagaland can be experienced well by visiting the state during Hornbill Festival. Named after the colourful bird Hornbill inhabiting the region, this ten-day festival showcases the exotic and different tribal traditions and customs of sixteen recognised tribes of Nagaland. Motor rally, rock-music competition, photography contest and chilli eating contest are some of the interesting events of this festival. Experience Naga dance forms and savour non-veg delicacies, which you will not get anywhere else once you are back from the mystical land. Make the most of your time spent there by interacting with the tribals and knowing their unique culture and history. And yes, don’t forget the hand-crafted souvenirs by Naga Tribe.

Gujarat: Rann Utsav, which takes place in the Rann of Kutch is one of the exquisite festivals in India. It highlights the local culture, heritage and hospitality in the best possible way. If you want to experience the rich tradition of Gujarat minus the crowd, then this festival will sum it up for you. The myriad cultural programs in the white sands of Rann give you many magical moments. Chat with the locals or watch them weave magic in a plain piece of cloth. Bhujodi is a delight for shopaholics looking forward to kacchi work sarees and fabrics, mud paintings and oxidised jewellery. From delicious gastronomic delights to beautiful palaces to rich heritage to exquisite craftwork, Gujarat is a must-visit holiday destination in India for authentic cultural experience.

Tamil Nadu: From the sprawling Rock Fort in Trichy to awe-inspiring Minakshi Temple in Madurai to culturally-rich Rameshwaram, there is a lot Tamil Nadu has to offer to a traveller. The local culture, stunning architecture and rich history of this state will surely leave you mesmerised. The best way to experience the local culture of Tamil Nadu is by staying in a home stay, enjoying festivals like Pongal and Thaipusam and interacting with locals to know more about their culture and food. You will be amazed by the variety of snacks and desserts that this state has to offer. The most amazing craft of this state is weaving, which gives us some of the most beautiful silk sarees of India. A visit to any saree mill is a must.

Get set to explore the rich culture and experience local life in these five must-visit holiday destinations in India!


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