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Travel and Blog – When the Ladies Went Solo!

We all know how mesmerizing it sounds, when someone recites the beauty they witnessed, while vacationing around an amazing country and its culture. But there are few people, who have been giving out travel goals to everyone. The ones, who overcame their fears and traveled around the world, with themselves. They took onto the social media, to tell the world, that 9-5 job was not their cup of tea. Check out these strong and enthusiastic women, who travel and blog, around and about wherever they visit!

Travel and Blog | Overview

When it comes to traveling alone, and not lonely, people have a lot of questions – in terms of their identity, capabilities, techniques, safety, etc.; but amidst all these, the desire to take on the experiences and the exploration, rules out every possibility of danger. There are few travelers, who wanted and did travel alone, around the world, and shared their experiences with everyone; online. They introduced their life to everyone around them, through the mediums of social platforms – Instagram and Facebook, and private blogs. By clicking pictures and blogging their stories and experiences, they became one of the popular travel bloggers, around the world.

Travel and Blog | Explore and Inspire

  • Travel Yourself: “Get your butt in gear and out that door!”

As she likes to quote herself, Caitlin has been blogging since seven years and is, still, going strong with her Vlogs and post updates. Where she started her medium, just to update her friends and family about her trips and experiences; today, she is making the entire world experience with her. Her ‘in a minute’ video tapes are one of the best guides available, for tourists and travelers, to know about a city/country/region.

Follow her: http://www.travelyourself.ca/

  • A Dangerous Business: “Just a small-town Ohio girl trying to see the world!”

With her beautiful pictures, showcasing landscapes and some serious scenic views of this world; Amanda has been blogging about her experiences and trips, in different countries, since she got some legit inspiration from “The Lord of the Rings”.

Follow her: http://www.dangerous-business.com/

  • Pearls and Passport:

Moving from Japan to Moscow, now, Stephanie has been blogging about her experiences and distributing pearls of wisdom, in terms of solo traveling; since 2013. Her journey began when she planned on to travel alone, after leaving everything behind. Every other travel blogger will tell you more about what they saw, but Stephanie went on to tell about the hardships faced by a solo traveler, especially the newbies.

Follow her: http://pearlsandpassports.com/

  • Bucket List Journey: World’s #1 Bucket List Blog

A lady, who feared no one, stands as an award winning blogger today; who took onto the high roads, to show the world, that danger is out there and she will soon defeat all of them. This woman has gone through all kinds of wildernesses, around the world, and has been becoming an inspiration to all the travelers, especially female, who wish to go on solo tours. We hope Anette White, scores more of her experiences and be delightful, as she is always.

Follow her: http://bucketlistjourney.net/

  • Girl vs. Globe:

Sabina has been blogging about her tours and trips, since she decided to be all about fashion and food. But amidst all the beauty, she is herself, she has been capturing the beauty of the world as well. The photographs and videos on her blogs and social media accounts are stunning to look at, and dreamy to witness, for real! With a huge reach on social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, she has been able to capture a lot of travel-hearts, simultaneously.

Follow her: http://girlvsglobe.com/

  • Rocky Travel: “Let’s discover the land down under!”

Michela has been blogging about her experiences and hacks, in Australia, since 2004. The main reason behind her blogging was inspired from the trip; she took to the land down under. With obsessive love and uncovered Australia, she couldn’t get enough of it. Everything from work and travel to solo-traveling, Michela has been covering about everything; a traveler can do on that continent!

Follow her: http://www.rockytravel.net/

  • The Blonde Abroad: “May you never settle for a life that’s anything short of extraordinary!”

Another inspiration who threw away her business suit, to live a life, a few extraordinarily – Kiersten, ladies and gentlemen. After ticking off about 50 countries off her bucket list, and connecting countries on this planet, she still hasn’t been able to put up a smile on her face, in the name of achievements.

Follow her: http://theblondeabroad.com/


  • Voyager For Life: “Following my heart, wherever it leads me”


Picture Credits: Her Own Blog

An Indian Blogger – Renuka, is all set to embark a beautiful journey, all alone, to uncover the religions and the culture, that this country holds. Being an Indian herself, she is familiar with what everyone already knows, and she knows what others do not know. Go through her blogs and website, if you are planning to discover India, like no one has ever!

Follow her: http://www.renuka-voyagerforlife.com/

Travel and Blog | Introspecting Yourself Much?

All these female bloggers are very few in number, but has done some amazing stuff, around the world. While witnessing the world themselves, they had the courtesy and converted it into their main business, to get the world familiar, with what’s been hiding in the same. We all would want to put them on our bucket list, but how many of us, would begin with our travel list.


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