Underrated yet Insanely Gorgeous places to visit near Delhi

Looking for some awesome places to visit near Delhi? Tired? Don’t worry. Make it happen this time! Whenever I think about relaxing and feeling fresh with my besties at a beautiful place near Delhi, I often make that happen. Why? Simple Answer. It is the perfect way to bring joy to life. You too deserve to be with soothing nature because it is one of the finest ways to keep yourself vibrant.

I bet you won’t regret exploring these underrated yet insanely gorgeous weekend getaways near Delhi!

Sleeping Beauty – MORNI

Morni is the highest point of Panchkula, offering a serene view of Morni hills. Two lakes adorn this balmy region, making it one of the perfect places to visit near Delhi with loved ones. Once you are here, you can do a lot of amusing things such as – visiting the adventure park close by and seeing the old fort. Don’t skip the trek to Ghaggar river bank for an action-packed day! Cover a distance of around 268 km from Delhi and surprise yourself.

Silent Mermaid  – NAUKUCHIATAL

Naukuchiatal could be your dream destination any season. About 312 km from Delhi, Naukuchiatal is a calm hill station gifted with unexplored terrain. Moreover, it is home to a few holiday homes that are perfectly nestled in the lush hills. If your plan is to stay with family for 2 days or more, then you must try some of the charming holiday homes with splendid lake view.

Déjà vu and The Camphor Tree in Naukuchiatal are two such holiday homes. Sightseeing options nearby namely Sattal and Naukuchiatal lake will surely enchant you like never before!

God of Nature – BHIMTAL

If you drive a little further for a few minutes from Naukuchiatal, you will be in a tranquil hill station known as Bhimtal. If the idea is to experience the lush life around a unique dwelling – Yes! You are at the right place. The Hammock Bhimtal might attract you with its cozy sit outs and verdant landscape here. Go, capture the sparking lake, postcard perfect hills, bright boats, blue sky, yourself, and a lot more. Discover a few calm picnic spots in the region. You can sit by the lake or you can simply enjoy the scenic view. Whatever you prefer!

Abode of wonderful birds  SULTANPUR BIRD SANCTUARY

Well, it’s so natural. We tend to ignore a few captivating places which are in proximity to our very own city. Isn’t it? When was the last time you walked this pristine abode of wonderful migratory and local birds – Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary? Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is a peaceful place to visit near Delhi. It welcomes more than 100 migratory bird species in winters, every year. Pin this destination for an extraordinary experience with your loved ones!  Good part is – it is only 50 km from Delhi.

King of Kumaon – MUKTESHWAR

Do you love mighty Himalayan peaks? Mukteshwar is your destination then. This intriguing hill station (which is about 342 km from Delhi, at an elevation of about 7500 feet) is more than amazing for you to rejuvenate, relax and to be one with various shades of nature. One of the holiday homes namely Frozen Woods in village Satkhol here, offers 360-degree view of Himalayan peaks like Trishul and Nandadevi ….reason enough to feel downright ecstatic……

This holiday home is neither lavish nor huge. But, if you like the simplicity of countryside, interiors depicting vivid rural life and tranquil surroundings, then this is undoubtedly – Your Place!

Now, imagine a steaming cup of coffee, your friends, conversations and unbelievable views. Pristine spots of this holiday home proffer just this. Top places of interest in the vicinity like Chauli ki jali, Bhalu Gaad Waterfall will further enrich your overall travel experience. Don’t miss the zipline at Chauli ki jali if you are an adventure enthusiast. This spot is a fine blend of magnificent valley view and lofty mountains.

2017 has just begun. Don’t wait. Just drive to these gorgeous holiday destinations & Reinvigorate Yourself…..!


About Ankita Narayan

I am curious, imperfect, intrepid and creative. Someone who is trying to be better each day. Mountains are very dear to me. I like to pen down my thoughts and experiences. Poetry is another area of interest. I keep looking forward to the little things like a smile, pup crossing a street, leaves rustling in wind, hopping squirrels, petrichor, a cup of coffee with a friend, home cooked meals, crazy moments with family, sarcastic one liners, music and more. In short, living!

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