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Untouched Beauty of a famous Lake in Uttarakhand

“Beauty is not confined to limited aspects of Mother Nature.” ~ Unknown

Scenic views, fresh watered lakes, stupendous sights and lazy days in the midst of holiday homes… It is hard to come across a destination which enables a person to live amidst all these luxuries. Bhimtal has it all. With its majestic lakes and an enthralling story, this is one of the perfect weekend getaways near Delhi that appeals to any age, and holiday homes attract me at the same time.

Some Holiday Homes in the mountains are extremely charming and some holiday homes are hidden in wilderness. It isn’t difficult to have a stay in a holiday home in places like Bhimtal or Nainital. And a holiday home always tops my list. I don’t mind crossing a trail, a river or a mountain to be at a holiday home. Period!

When one scours the Internet or a travel brochure to learn more about this place or thrilling weekend getaways near Delhi, one will always come across Bhimtal Lake, described as the ‘best attraction in Bhimtal.’ Reading about its fantasies will fill one’s head with wonder, and thus it comes of no surprise that everyone plans a trip that definitely includes this heavenly piece of nature when going to Bhimtal – one of the best weekend getaways near Delhi.

I was lucky to have gone there for an educational school trip.

We were all very excited as we would get a chance to explore the wonderful beauty of this astounding place. I even checked out some websites in order to see holiday homes near Nainital [this was because I wanted to learn more about the comfy holiday home we were staying in !] and the attractions most people go to in Kumaon and in all of them, I encountered Bhimtal Lake. All the reviews recommended dedicating a day to this. And as my school didn’t expect us to be glamorous film-stars whose reputation would be spoilt by going along with the public, they too had planned our trip in such a way that I could visit it. Yeah!

It was a memorable journey when we took a train to Nainital, and booked a cab towards our ultimate destination- BHIMTAL!!

Upon reaching Bhimtal, we headed to the splendid holiday home. After a day’s relaxation (I was exhausted!) had dinner at the holiday home itself; I, along with the four friends was sharing my room with, set an alarm clock for 4 a.m. Then we slept on the soft mattress, hoping that we would have a pleasant time the day afterward.

I opened my eyes a few moments before the alarm rang. I was the first to wake up, so much was my excitement! The alarm beeped and all my friends woke up. We quickly dressed, eager to see the lake and enjoy our day. There wasn’t a moment to waste! Then we had a light breakfast and hurried towards the lake. When we reached there, we stopped in our tracks, stunned at what lay ahead for our eyes to devour!

Bhimtal lake

The lake was immensely beautiful. In the early morning shine, it was illuminated like a ravishing wonder. The small orange sun that had crept up a little while ago caused its surface to go a gentle red. After the permission of the teacher-on-duty, I put the slight tip of a finger into the water, and its cold freshness sent a soft tingle down my spine! I got up and took out my camera. There was a little clicking noise, and the unbelievable phenomenon was captured. And the idea that so many people yearn for having one of the nicest weekend getaways near Delhi and I happen to be having it that moment, was giving me goosebumps!

A little while later, the sounds of a ferry approached our ears. We rushed towards it and paid our respective fares, then climbed aboard. While everyone chatted, I put a hand to my chest and breathed gently. Then I turned and observed the calm water all around us. My journey to the natural wonder had officially begun!

On the ferry, there was a small stand from where people were collecting brochures about the lake. I took one and opened it. I began reading, and was engulfed by the new photos and facts I could never find on the Internet, however much I browsed.

I learnt that when Bhimtal came under the British Raj after the Anglo-Indian War, the dam was built across it. I learnt about the restaurant on the island in the middle of the lake that had been converted into an aquarium. This was because tourists eating their food in it, used to throw food remains into the lake, which gradually became polluted. I admired the decision from the bottom of my heart for I am a keen lover and observer of nature. At last there was a sound from the ferry, and the anchor was dropped on the shore. We had reached! Imagine, the concept of weekend getaways wasn’t popular during British Raj and weekend getaways near Delhi, were confined to handful of people.

I took a photo of myself (yeah selfie!) whilst on the ferry, and got out. The scene was even more mesmerizing here than it had been from the banks of the lake. It was a little lighter, and the night seemed to be disappearing.

There was another click, as this new spectacle was captured for sweet memories later.

We queued up and entered the aquarium with other people and saw many fish from different corners of the world that were as far as South Africa, Mexico and China! Wow, what luck!


Observing all these little sights and sceneries filled me with joy. My heart was in my throat.

We spent all day near the lake, buying souvenirs for our family and eating our packed lunch. Our teacher even told us that the water in the lake was drinkable, and that it supplied water to many nearby places! I bent down and washed my face and was instantly freshened with the cool sprinkles of it upon my skin.

It was evening by the time we sat in the ferry that would take us back towards the shore. I bid farewell to the lake and took one last photo, one last click to end the day. All I thought as I viewed the pictures I had taken was that I had just experienced the best day of my life that I had had, while still in the lap of Mother Nature!

The next day, we took a train back to Delhi. I was sad to leave. Not only had I just had the best time ever, but also I had learnt a lot. As the train began moving and Bhimtal was left behind us, I could only think of my one perfect resolution- that I would do all my best to conserve and preserve all these natural spectacles. Bhimtal, is undoubtedly one of the best weekend getaways near Delhi.


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