Weekend getaway…..ThE HeAvEnLy MaNsOoR

I could feel the gush of air brushing my face with a slight drizzle to top it all, and as I closed my eyes, I surely couldn’t have asked for more. We were on our way to queen of the hills, “Mussoorie” and being the perfect getaway from Delhi all I could think and say, seeing the splendid beauty once again was, a “wow”, I was back to where my heart was.

Mussoorie has always intrigued me and also surprised me at times. How it could capture the beauty of the silver clouds with the sparkle of lush green hills?  Well I still wonder how…

This was my 20th visit or maybe more, I feel any amount was less as there was a strong connect I sensed and yet again it took my breath away with its uniqueness and mysteriousness. Getting mesmerized by the queen’s beauty my thoughts took me back to the late 80’s when we visited Mussoorie for the first time, and I was 5 years old. We stayed at Landour cantt, a small cantonment town in continuation to Mussoorie, and my father being from the military we were fortunate to stay there for one whole year. Back in those days collecting the gorgeous and literally “makhmali” lady birds, or doing the crazy sprints on my way to the downhill was my idea of fun. I truly wish if someone had built a time machine, so I could go back and relive the halcyon days.

Suddenly the car came to a halt, as my dear husband decided to stop for a cup of tea, at a nearby tea thela I realized it was time to keep my thoughts and memories at the back burner for now, after all we were on our honeymoon, I wondered with a grin on my face.

Camel’s back road used to be my hot spot as a kid. Being influenced by khushwant Singh’s novels I wanted to experience the unsaid and unseen too. And today we went for a stroll on the same road, it was surely different but the unknown and the aura of that road is still the way it was 15 years back. It has always been painfully quiet, and a bit eerie, to be honest. I always felt as if this road hid some secrets, something which I was keen to explore but could never Endeavour.

camel back road.

Mussoorie’s mall road is the heart of the town and me and my husband loved going there at least twice in a day to shop or to have my favorite sweet corn or to just admire nature being at its best.

The Mall

If someone is the spiritual kinds then visiting the Tibetan Buddhist temple and the Christ church which they say is the oldest church in the Himalayas is a must. Though the love birds, that is us, were happy feasting on the tasty parathas of char dukaan, which is on the way to landour bazaar. Eating the parathas in Ruskin bond’s company was a delight. Char dukaan had a splendid collection of Ruskin bond novels so one could gorge on the novels along with satisfying their palette. He was a regular visitor of that place.

Reminiscing my time as a 5 year old kid, to a teenager and now a wife, this place has always been very close to my heart and I guess will always be. As I believe;

Mansoor’s beauty is magnificent,

Displaying mysteriously its strength,

Queen of the hills, they say,

And correctly so, I obey,

There is something I have here of my past,

Which I am sure is here to stay and last,

Couldn’t thank god enough for bringing me close to where I belong,

A place which I associate with beauty and power, as it gives me strength and makes me strong.

Keep smiling!!!


About Ashima Kumar

“A sOuL of FiRe, and a HeArT of GoLd, Believes in the unbelievable, as nothing is impossible, be it a mountain or a mole, Matter of time, isn’t it for all, So be happy and smile, as life is indeed small.” My name is ASHIMA which means LIMITLESS, born with a go getter attitude, and a belief that even the sky isn’t the limit. A writer by profession, a poet by will.  I have served in the corporate sector for 6 years as a voice and accent coach and a soft skills trainer. Being from a defense background, travelling is in my blood and something I adore, especially after being a mother of two, I realize it even more. Reading and writing are my passion, a vagabond at heart with a mind full of Positivity and appreciation for nature.

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