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What you must NOT do on vacation – Monsoon Edition!

We all have our adventurous spirit closed onto one thing – Explore within and let our adventure-animal out in the open! But do we consider the consequences in mind? Most of us do not and another few do not care. Taking onto the wild rides and participating in those activities, which let us call ourselves – daredevils, are on everyone’s to-do list, when we plan our vacations to such destinations but safety and precautions are not complimentary or additional pointers. There is a basic list of pointers, to be duly noted, of what you must not do on vacation!

You Must Not Do On Vacation | Overview

Drive Safe

There are a lot of things, one can do while on vacations and different from another individual, but there are few things on the list, which are Not-To-Do for everyone; in monsoon season. If taken seriously and sensitively, one’s vacation will be as smooth, as they expected it to be. They shall be added to the list of necessities, while analyzing the entire trip. And let’s not forget about the weather, the season, we are taking onto such trips. When it comes to monsoons, there are self-assumed delays and unreasonable journey defects. Be it trippin’ on roads or taking airplanes to your destinations, rainy season doesn’t spare anyone.

You Must Not Do On Vacation | Pointers

Take notes, guys! The monsoon season is almost above us, and so are our vacation plans. Let not rains ruin them:

  • Extra – Everything:

Rains are so luring that one cannot stay away from getting drenched, and we cannot restrict anyone from enjoying those showers. But, if you must do it, carry extra clothing and water-proof storage packets, to save your essentials from the roaring clouds. You would not want to ruin your vacation by reaching your destination, with damaged cellular phones/gadgets and itchy clothes.

Are we not carrying enough clothes already?

We are talking about extra clothing in terms of raincoats/umbrellas (shall not be considered optional to your luggage), loose fitted wardrobe, caps, boots, etc; ones which are not supposed to be used during your stay.

Taking road trips is always fun, especially during monsoons, but your thrill can charge your life. Put your safety first! Carry extra tires and necessary tools, along with you, while travelling on roads during monsoons. As it is going to be a long trip, carry all the essentials, you will need on the roads, while traveling. And always remember; try not to take the roads less travelled. During monsoons, slippery roads are not just the only danger. There can be several difficulties and un-called troubles like goons/halts, etc; which one should always be careful about.

  • Have Enough Water and Food:

You might get stuck in trafficked roads and jams, for hours, with no source or availability of food and water. Carry enough water and food with yourself, to feed your hunger, when stuck while traveling. Also, if you happen to find street food or no-guarantee water – AVOID. You, yourself, would not want to fall sick while on vacation. Rains make you thirsty with all the humidity and body heat, hence, carry enough water for the traveling hours.

  • Safety Kit:

A kit, which can come handy not just while traveling, but throughout the vacation. While traveling on slippery roads or while trekking, there are higher chances of slipping and getting hurt. There’s a need of immediate first-aid, prevention and attention; right on the spot.

  • Don’t Spend Too Much Time in Rains:

To avoid health issues and similar issues, one shall not spend too much of the time, getting drenched and enjoying in those showers. Especially, the younger ones, who love to play around in rains. One shall not be near the water bodies; else it might end up real bad. Rains might shift your focus, but you shall be flexible with your plans. Overcome your anger and frustration because of overtime delays and halts, during your vacation; else it can lead to wastage of time and energy.

You Must Not Do On Vacation | Precaution is Prevention

There is a need to plan according to the destination, you have chosen for your vacation, to be efficient and effective with your time and efforts. Do not let these halts be an obstacle; enjoy your time throughout and make sure, you have everything under the precaution criteria, before you move on to prevent yourself from the consequences.

Let us guide you with our knowledge and curated local experiences! We, surely, are here to give you the time of your life at lavish and well-furnished cottages/villas, boutique resorts and holiday homes!


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