Himalayas : Beautiful sunrise – Silver lining

When I touched the jewel in the crown!

Nostalgia gushes my whole being as I gaze at the faraway China Peak. How is that possible? I am looking at it for the first time, yet it seems so familiar! Thanks to the rich diet and indelible influence of Bollywood in my shaping up years I guess. My connection and affair with the peak is a gift from the classic ‘Masoom’ days – the blue-eyed (and oh-so-adorable!!) Rahul running with dad DK, with the cool breeze puffing up their faces as they sprawl on the grass and talk of the lovely peak!

I let out an eager exhilaration! A lot of unfamiliar stares at my piercing wail (I guess for them!) spoiling the trance of the swarms of tourists around is my only reward! Never mind, nothing is going to dampen my spirits. My secret is mine alone – I plan to seduce this peak – by day and night!

A decently arduous climb to this beauty of Himalayas – a height of 2611 m, the literature says. A trekking hottie. It seems much more to my exhausted legs! But every bit worth the slog, I would say! The trail meanders through cypress and deodar tree lined pathways and I oft lose semblance of time.

Glad to have heeded the tips from a website, I carried my very own binoculars! Away from prying tourist hordes that peak during summer vacations here, are niche spots tucked away in the folds. Ah, here it is – my own secluded haven! Oh the majesty all around! Pristine white snow peaks tantalize me! Someone said there is Nari peak from Nepal amidst them! Transcending human created geographical barriers this is the continuum of God’s glorious make!

Himalayas : View of the China Peak

Nainital, with its eye-shaped (rather looks like a kidney-bean to me!) Naini Lake is visible in all its grandeur. Majestic guardians of Himalayas cradling a cherished beauty in its lap! Nature in harmony with the manmade development, Nainital looks rustic, straight from a picture-book! That is why it is different from the rest of the hill stations near Delhi.

I plan to camp here, yippee! When all the folks have gone to their plush luxurious hotels, I will have an uninterrupted tete-a-tete with the stars and the trees! Lucky that today is a clear sky, the night is set to thrill me!

Ooo..oh, it is far beyond my expectations. The night sky is laden with uncountable lights from God’s world, in direct competition with the mesmerizing lights from the humble humans that dot the town below! A ghost-like Milky Way is throwing the perfect mysterious aura! My camera definitely will not do justice to the feast laid out in front of my eyes!

Nainital Camping : Star gazingSerene, dignified, a poet’s dream indeed! The roads and pathways are clearly visible in the bright lights of the charming and quaint town below. The quiet town has come alive like an unveiled mistress at night -breathless and breathtaking! The roads playing hide and seek as they appear and disappear! Even the vast expanses beyond the lake and the town below.  Can I hear a whisper or a pleasant laugh from yonder hills?

Wonder why it is called the China Peak? Well, that is perhaps another story… to explore on another day!


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