Dog: Enjoying Travel

Why should the two legged have all the fun???

“Oh my dog is like a stress buster drug for me” I am sure you must have heard this statement umpteen number of times from a lot of dog lovers. Ever wondered why? Because cuddling and loving your canine companion produces a particular kind of hormone called cortisol which shoozzzzz your stress away. J

Considering how much we owe to our four legged friend, Gauri along with her golden Labrador named Buddy decided to embark on a journey of fun and laughter and me being the fortunate soul, I was a part of this adventure. Gauri’s fury friend was a real delight in the entire expedition which in turn gave me the confidence that keeping dogs wasn’t such a herculean task. He was one of a kind, being utterly cute & cuddly; he was someone who only had love and warmth to render. During our voyage Gauri unfolded the reality as to what an ordeal it was travelling with Buddy till sometime back, and how she researched and read, enlightened herself, thus in turn was more prepared and planned before initiating any excursion.

Road trip with this canine companion of ours was a definite hit; however there are a few tricks of the trade that should be kept in mind when embarking on a jaunt with your feline friend.

  • Consult the vet before starting : A general health check up is a must for your pet before initiating your journey which becomes a mandate especially if your pet is travelling for the first time.
  • Pack and plan for your pet : Keep the comfort zone alive for which you must carry his favourite blanket or a toy for the sake of security and familiarity.
dog with a ball
  • Safety comes first : As they say it’s better to be safe than sorry. Always make your dog sit at the back seat and not the front seat as it can be distracting and dangerous for both. Are they any lesser than children? I guess not. J
  • Important to exhaust some energy : Before initiating the fun ride its best to make your lovable pet run a little, maybe you can play a little with him. This will make him tired which in turn will define your quality time to yourself and your pet’s saintly sleep on a long journey.

dog in car..

  • Dogs get car sick too : Few chew toys are always handy rather than giving food during the journey because that might be risky as your pet might end up vomiting. So chew or rubber toys are a better option.
  • A fury car seat is not a delightful sight : Travelling with your four legged friend means a journey full of fur and some more fur. Best is to protect your car seat with old covers.
  • Trucks intrigue dogs : Dogs love and I mean it, they simply love vehicles especially trucks, but it can be a dangerous affair. It is estimated that more than 100,000 dogs die of road accidents, mainly by coming under trucks. Hence it’s best to carry harness or a leash that will ensure your sweethearts safety.
  • Halt and stop often : Like we humans need to stretch similarly our sweet companions need to as well perhaps maybe twice if not more.
dog in beach
  • Update your dogs ID : This is imperative as the holiday destination happens to be a new place, and should your dog feel insecure or maybe even worse, if he spots a cat on the other side of the road, then let me enlighten you my friend that you can land up in deep trouble and so can he. An ID with the dogs name, the address and the phone number can be of immense help.

“Therefore with all the above in mind, I am sure one can have a rollercoaster ride,

Get geared up for all the fun, as it’s always a pleasure to say “fetch” and see your cuddly toy run”.


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“A sOuL of FiRe, and a HeArT of GoLd, Believes in the unbelievable, as nothing is impossible, be it a mountain or a mole, Matter of time, isn’t it for all, So be happy and smile, as life is indeed small.” My name is ASHIMA which means LIMITLESS, born with a go getter attitude, and a belief that even the sky isn’t the limit. A writer by profession, a poet by will.  I have served in the corporate sector for 6 years as a voice and accent coach and a soft skills trainer. Being from a defense background, travelling is in my blood and something I adore, especially after being a mother of two, I realize it even more. Reading and writing are my passion, a vagabond at heart with a mind full of Positivity and appreciation for nature.

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