Why you should travel solo at least once near Delhi

I felt great when I saw the luscious pictures of lovely weekend getaways near Delhi for my solo travel. Exotic heritage of Rajasthan and picturesque hill stations near Delhi within 300 kms. Confused about which weekend getaway to choose, I started checking out the stay options. After all, a warm abode plays as much of a role in making a holiday memorable as the actual destination.

It stole my heart right away!

It was a quaint rustic cottage called the Frozen Woods, in a hill-station near Delhi called Mukteshwar. Rustic and endearing, it beckoned me with open arms! And lo and behold, there I was, marvelling at this creation from another world, straight out of a book from the yesteryears. Stepping inside, I was awed by the loving ambience!

For all and sundry

I was traveling solo for some ‘me’ time, but this place is perfect for couples, families and groups of friends as well! Mukteshwar is a hill station near Delhi that is still relatively unexplored and hence virgin.

A bit off the main town, the cottage felt as if showered with Nature’s bounty. Perfect for calming my weary mind and body, it offered me the solace that I was yearning for, during my solo travel. No one to disturb me when I looked out at God’s own expanse!

The wilderness and the beauty here is all consuming!

Head out to be one with the pines as you lose all semblance of time, immersed in the fresh sounds and smells of the woods. Innumerable nature trails entwined amidst tall trees make you feel like a child again. A pleasant chirp, wind whistling in the trees as it brushes past your cheeks and makes you flush – priceless!

The ‘inner’ connect!

For those who like to connect with the spiritual while travelling solo, it offers a plethora of ancient temples, steeped in history and mythical legends, as if written in stone that marks the unique architectural style of these abodes of God. Mystical indeed!

Daring adventure too!

Youngsters with a penchant for the daring need not find it dull. For there is a fair share of adrenaline gush stashed up in the folds of the mountains and cliffs.  Head to the famous Chauli Ki Jaali for ziplining, enjoy rock climbing and rappelling as you please. There are many jagged rocks here to test your mettle with certified personnel.

An unexpected reunion!

I felt relaxed after a whole day of nature walk, lazying, gazing at the wonderful snow-clad peaks yonder. So, I decided to head to the much-talked-of Bhalu Gaad Waterfall nearby. Wow! the white fall of water is overwhelming! And just as I was busy capturing the dazzling fall, I suddenly heard a squeal! Ohh Myy Gawd – it was my cousin Aarav and his family right here! How could it be possible that both of us chose the same weekend getaway near Delhi at the same time? Uncanny!

Aarav told me that they were staying at a charming vintage place called One Partridge Hill, and convinced me to head back with them for a memorable evening there! Boy, was I floored! It was perched atop a hill and rightly proclaimed its position as the ‘queen’ of the area. Grand and yet subtle, the private decks were ideal to enjoy the hot steaming sumptuous meal!

Perfect, fulfilling and completely rejuvenating!


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