Women Solo Travel: Tips and tricks

Travelling can stimulate you in a number of ways. And everyone on this planet loves the feeling of new self.

With an exponential increase in number of women heading the toughest of corporate houses, the need to travel solo has seen an unprecedented increase as well; after all, being the tough girl has its fair share of toll on mind and body.

A solo road travel to a beautifully exotic place is all one needs to rewind and rejuvenate for another week of tough sessions in the corporate board rooms.

Here are some do’s and don’ts when you travel solo

  • Travel light – We are reputed for packing hundreds of suitcases for ten day holiday. Of course, we do not want to repeat our dresses and definitely do not wish to caught wearing a dress same as another girl, but over packing and carrying a bundle of suit cases will only exert you and spoil your holiday. Pack the essentials and items that you know you will surely require.
  • Take your car to the maintenance shop – Before you hit the road with the wind in the hair and sand at your feet (read car’s wheels), make sure that your car is in top condition. Double check for spare wheels, tool kits, oil and fuel. Keep some extra fuel in your car.


  • No giving lifts – Cute guys can be found anywhere. Your heart may stop beating when you look at that dreamy eyed stranger asking for a lift. But, do not stop your car. Sometimes, good looks can kill….literally!
  • First aid kit – You never know when you have a cut or a bruise. Keep your emergency first aid kit ready always (well, not always, if you know the dispensary in the town has a Dr. Drake Ramoray!)
  • Torch with extra batteries – Always keep spare batteries handy.
  • Emergency contact numbers – Keep your cell phone charged and save all the emergency contact numbers. If you must, keep them on speed dial.
  • Travel with a pet – If you are fond of animals, try to travel with your pet. Dogs can easily scare thieves and other nasty people away.
  • Do not carry a lot of cash – Travel with minimal money. In case, you require more, always use the ATM or swipe your card at the shops. Keep the maps handy- GPS and traditional maps can surely rescue you out of any wrong path.


  • Keep blankets, water bottles and snacks in your car – Well, you never know when you require them- for worse or for better.
  • Do not talk much to strangers – Well, that’s what you mom always said. Do not reveal too much information or the fact that you are travelling alone.
  • Pay attention to weather reports – It will only be beneficial to listen to weather reports. If there is any storm approaching, you should seek a safe shelter before it’s too late.
  • Drive safe – Yes, stay alert behind the wheels and have a safe trip back home.

Well, as they say, ‘Au revoir’, Have a great trip!


About Bhagyashree Pancholy

I am a versatile dynamic figure. I play a lot, scream more and sleep the most. I am reputed to be jumping into ponds to rescue animals, shouting at wood cutters and roaming around town in pajamas. I am an efficient person when it comes to hopping buses and aimlessly wandering.My inspiration in life is the pair of owl which sits on my front yard every night. I believe they protect me from the darkness and any bad omen. Owls are renowned to bring bad luck, but not my front yard owls.

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    Wow guys incredibly beautiful, I love it. thanks for sharing.

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